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Go Green: Betterprint Business Cards

By DNB @ Dec 14, 2010 in Environment

Betterprint: Going Green A recent article written in Print Week suggests print organisations should be seriously considering developing a green strategy. At Betterprint we are ahead of the game as we already hold ISO14001 and ISO9001 the Environment and Quality Standards. There's...

Customer Feedback: Generate & Maintain Business

By DNB @ Dec 12, 2010 in Service

Customer Feedback: "Credibility is easy to lose, hard to gain in the first place, and even harder to regain!" I think any business should take a long hard look at what its customers are saying and use this feedback to develop future strategy. Good customer feedback is great to receive, and...

Business Cards: What Should You Look For?

By DNB @ Dec 10, 2010 in Business Image and Branding

Business Cards: 'Cheap' And 'Free' Are Not What They Seem Thousands of people shop for Business Cards every day and the most common search terms are "free” or "cheap”. I want to offer my reasons why neither of these terms should be primary reasons for buying such important business tools....

Internet Businesses: The Environmental Impact

By DNB @ Dec 9, 2010 in Environment

How Does Your Business Impact The Environment? More and more these days, environmental issues are having an impact on how we go about purchasing goods to help run our businesses.   Take a look at Betterprint's selection of environmentally friendly business cards or read more about our...

WikiLeaks Continued: New Revelations & Threats

By DNB @ Dec 7, 2010 in WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks: Continuing To Threat National Security  Here is an extract from the BBC website published yesterday, if you found my take on the WikiLeaks interesting I think this will put some more meat on the bones! Exposing Infrastructure Sites Of all the leaks to have emerged from...

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