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When Will This Recession End?

By DNB @ Sep 10, 2010 in Business Image and Branding

In June 2008 I was on holiday in America. We visited San Francisco, Los Angeles and a few other places in between; as a UK businessman I am always interested in global economies, especially one so inextricably linked to us as the US. My overriding impression from the visit was that they are in...

Are Starting Your Own Business?

Firstly I cannot emphasise enough the importance of research, research is inextricably connected with knowledge and it is only through knowledge and experience that you will find success. It is good to build upon existing knowledge and gain an understanding of what questions need exploring...

Are You A Builder, Plumber Or Electrician?

By DNB @ Sep 9, 2010 in Small Businesses

If so, are you owed money from previous jobs that you completed in good faith expecting to be paid at the end of the work, but are still waiting for part or all of the payment? My Brother in law is builder and this was one of his biggest problems, I helped him implement a simple yet effective...

Social Media Cards, Why Do You Need Them?

By DNB @ Sep 8, 2010 in Social Media Cards Networking

The internet has brought about a social media interface, which over the last few years has exploded into our lives and comes in many guises. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn offer a simple way to communicate with friends, business contacts and potential customers online....

Trying To Increase Your Sales?

By DNB @ Sep 7, 2010 in Print Marketing Small Businesses

For many businesses the recent trading times have been both challenging and incredibly difficult. Many have found themselves financially incapable of weathering what we have found to be the worst storm in a long time. In most cases the worse we have ever seen. Through tough times some industry...

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