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And the winner is...

By admin @ Jun 6, 2012 in Offers

Congratulations to Ste Appleton, who submitted his caption via the Betterprint blog. This witticism saw off some stiff competition and really made us chuckle! We'll be in touch very soon. Commiserations to everyone who entered but didn't win; keep an eye on the Betterprint blog...

How ‘lo-go’ can you go?

It goes without saying that a key component of any business card should be your company logo. This may be a good time to take a long hard look at your existing logo and check it really is doing the business. Does it reflect the services your company offers or is it juxtaposed? Perhaps...

The Japanese Way

Trading in the Far East is now becoming more and more regular - so I thought it would be a help to run through business card etiquette for many far eastern countries. So starting with Japan here's a quick insight into Japanese business card etiquette.. Politeness, sensitivity and good...

Are you and your business on message?

By DNB @ May 28, 2012 in Business Image and Branding

Have you ever stopped to consider the subliminal messages you and your business card may be sending out to prospective clients? I don't mean in terms of deep, dark, psychological angst but simply that the colours and design of your card, and the way in which you present it to people, all carry...

Business Cards of Yesteryear

By DNB @ May 18, 2012

The humble business card has, in fact, rather an illustrious heritage. The French, being always at the forefront of everything chic, are credited with launching the calling card on polite society during in the 17th Century. Known as the 'visites biletes,' they were popularised during the reign...

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