Meet Berty Betterprint, the latest addition to the Betterprint office.

We're hoping this is the start of a long and beautiful relationship; not just between us and Berty, but between you and Berty.

You see, you can make your own little version of Berty… a clone if you like.

Make your own Berty

It's easy to make your own version of Berty, but we can't be held responsible for his actions after you've glued him together.

You will need: Glue Stick, Scissors

First, download and print off your Berty template.

Cut out Berty's component parts. Careful, it's all too easy to slice off one of those delicate fingers. 

Once you're ready, you can start to build him. Simply glue the shaded areas, fold along the thick black lines and create the slits in the sides of his head and torso where his arms and ears attach.

You should end up with something a little, if not exactly, like Berty.

It's up to you what you do with him, but be careful, he's got a mind of his own that one. 

Thanks to for the template