I've just been looking at technology blog The Next Web and spotted this interesting product. IntelliPaper embeds a USB drive into an everyday piece of card. In the real world that could be your business card, a brochure, or just a small and simple tool for transferring data.

The USB card appears on your PC just like any other drive, although at the moment intelliPaper appears to be read only - not allowing you to write any data to the USB card. In addition the drives only support a very small amount of data storage (less than 10mb); which is fine for some apps, small images, text files and vCard information, but not a lot else.

However, intellipaper has said: "In the future as versions of intelliPaper with larger memory will become available and new applications for intelliPaper will become possible.”

The intelliPaper kit also comes with a USB reader and programmer, which can be used to check the data on any of your creations without damaging your USB cards. A $20 donation at indigogo.com will get you one of these, with higher donations getting ten or more USB business cards, greeting cards or even just coloured blank cards .

At the moment, intelliPaper seems like a novel and environmentally friendly evolution of the classic USB stick and a great solution for people who aren't signed up to a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

For more information on Intellipaper contact http://www.indiegogo.com/intellipaper