To become an Olympian requires complete dedication and loyalty to your chosen sport, hours of training and a big streak of perfectionism. It is this devotion that has taken the likes of Jessica Ennis, Ellie Symonds and Sir Chris Hoy to the pinnacle of their sport. However, have you ever stopped to think how their very specific, ultra honed skills could be put to an alternative use?

If you were designing business stationary for these athletes, what trade would they be plying? We have put our imaginations into overdrive to come up with some alternative careers should our stars of 2012 ever fancy a change from chasing the Olympic dream!

Cyclists: Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins.

For these speed demons on two wheels I'd be thinking of drawing up a business card advertising their services as parcel couriers. They'd sure be faster than snail mail and, judging by Wiggin's amazing performance in the Tour de France, more reliable too! (Although they'd probably want something cooler than the 'Boris Bike' to pedal around on.)

Cyclists: Victoria Pendleton, Joanna Rowsell, Dani King and Laura Trott.

Equally strong contenders for medals at 2012 are GB's women cyclists but with their extreme speed and endurance skills what alternative profession could we see on their business stationary? The number of police officers and paramedics who I've seen panting along on bicycles recently has made me think our emergency services could do with some extra leg power and cool heads; so who better to look to than the likes of Pendleton and Rowsell, a sprinter and a long distance slogger,they possess the strength and the nous to compete on the track, making them perfect saviours in an emergency.

Rowing: Marc Hunter and Zac Purchase.(Lightweight double scull.)

Apparently the hand co-ordination required for sculling is akin to ballroom dancing, (it's all about which is the lead hand in the partnership.) For this reason, I would nominate the lightweight double pair as professional ballroom dancers. Less butch thanthe heavy-weight rowers, they wouldn't look so out of place in Lycra and sequins. Perhaps a stint on 'Strictly Come Dancing' beckons post 2012!

Triathlon: Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

These brothers are number one (and two) for endurance: swimming, running and cycling into the record books. For this reason, my business card for them would state their occupation as 'secondary school teacher.' There is no greater test of endurance than facing a class full of 16 year olds for double science! Moreover, after watching the skirmishing that goes on in the swimming leg of triathlon, they would be perfectly prepared for the scrum of the school corridors and playground!

Weight Lifting: Zoe Smith.

The perfectly proportioned powerhouse that is weight lifter Zoe Smith could have herself an interesting career away from the dumbbells; her strength and street cred would make her perfect as a stage rigger for a major music band, how about touring the world with Lady Gaga!

Heptathlon: Jess Ennis. The poster girl of London 2012 sets herself no easy task by competing across eight different events; this is surely a lady who likes to multitask! For this reason, her business card should advertise her services as 'Events Manager'; a job that is notoriously hard to define but involves an individual being prepared to turn their hand to anything.

Obviously we hope that 2012 will be the springboard to illustrious sporting careers for team GB but, if any of them ever fancy a change of vocation, then they can definitely use the fail safeof possessing 'transferable skills' on their job applications!