Here is one of the great designs done recently on

Mark Caney wanted some Business Cards to promote his new book - Dolphin Way. For more information see

This is the actual card he designed and uploaded into our system (he added gloss lamination and rounded corners to make them extra special).

Here is what Mark wrote about the Business Cards we produced for him:

Mark Caney, Writer - October 2011
"I recently used Betterprint to make some Business Cards to promote my novel, Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians. The design was a custom upload one with a rich detailed colour image of a dolphin on a pure black background with fine text; I was concerned how well it would reproduce. However, I received the cards promptly and the quality was superb; a great showcase for my book. A great service and easy to use website."

To produce these cards Mark went to and selected Custom Upload, he then uploaded his complete design into the design preview box as shown below; it appears in the top row of our designs on the Custom Upload page. As you can see there are basic upload criteria listed in the box, it is simple to follow and will easily get you on your way to great custom upload designs.

For the complete instructions on how to upload your designs see below:

Upload Your Complete Artwork

Once you have selected a custom upload product range click on the template that says "Upload your complete artwork here" this then moves you to the upload interface, in the top left hand corner you will see a box headed "uploaded image" and underneath this you will see "No File Uploaded" and a "Change Image" button. To access your file click the "change Image" button and you will be taken to the directories available within your computer, select the artwork you have prepared for upload and click "open". You will now see the file upload and the file name should appear where the "No File Uploaded" was, click the "Update Design" button within the designer page and your artwork will upload and preview.

If you need to change or adjust anything you need to do this in the software program you used to generate it with and re-save in one of our three chosen formats as stated above, you simply re-import it by clicking on the "change Image" button and repeat your previous steps. Once satisfied with how your artwork looks and sits in the designer upload template click the "Save & Continue" button which will take you to the product options page. 
The product options page is where you select your required quantity and choose materials and any finishing options that may be available to your chosen product range and also gives you a final proof. If you are buying a business card product you will now be offered a series of "Backs" to choose from, you can select one our deluxe backs or upload your own, if you select from our range you will now be able to personalise the text and colours using the Designer Preview Page. If you wish to upload your own reverse, choose the template which offers this facility and repeat the steps you performed earlier when you uploaded the artwork for your front. If you do not want a printed back simply select the template which says "No Back". When you have selected all options you require and are satisfied with your proof click "Confirm" to move into your shopping basket and follow the prompts in how to proceed through this section. 
We show prices for "Business Card Fronts" and "Business Card Backs" separately. These prices will be clearly shown once you are through to your shopping basket alternatively you can view all our prices under the heading "Prices" available on all our web pages. 

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to upload a file, please email us at attaching the file you are trying to upload and a brief explanation of your problem and one of our technical staff will resolve the issue and upload it for you or give you the best advice on how to solve the problem.
Our system follows common sense rules but will allow you to produce terrific designs, all our Business cards are printed on the thickest 400gsm smooth white silk board, when choosing a solid ink coverage like Mark did on his design you should always add lamination to help prevent scratching and marking when your cards are in use. You can choose either Matt or Gloss lamination and both will help protect your cards and ensure they always look and feel perfect………… 
If you have a design and would like some constructive advice on how to ensure you get the very best results send it to me at and I will mail you back with my suggestions. 
Good luck