This blog might help anyone thinking of starting their own business as a taxi or minicab driver/owner.

Definition Of A Taxi Driver

A taxi driver is normally a self-employed person licensed by their local council to operate on either a Private Hire or Hackney Carriagebasis. Private Hire taxi drivers must only carry passengers on a pre-arranged basis and are not allowed to pick up passengers from the street or display a 'taxi' light on the vehicle roof. Hackney Carriage (or Public Hire) taxi drivers can be hailed off the street, taxi rank or as with Private Hire pick up fares on a pre-arranged basis. Hackney Carriagetaxi drivers must be 21 or above and have had a driving licence for 12 months. They must have no criminal convictions in fraud, theft, violent or sexual offences. They may need to pass a medical and a formal test of their knowledge of the local area. Private Hire taxi drivers must have been driving for 12 months and pass similar medical and criminal checks.

You Need Specialist Insurance

Whatever type of taxi insurance you need, it's crucial that you not only get the best value insurance but the right cover to suit your needs. Most taxi insurance advisors are experienced at offering you the best cover and advice. Like many things today the internet is a good place to buy taxi and minicab insurance, take a look at these two firms: or

Ways To Improve Your Profitability And Earning Potential

You should be able to accept credit, debit and charge cards. You will probably be competing against organised professional private hire companies in your area so it is important to stand out and offer that bit more. One supplier I have found for you to take a look at is they offer mobile card payment systems and seem to have good deals, The money is paid into your account in 3 working days and unlike other suppliers your money is kept in a merchant account which means it is secure.

The councils and police are very keen at promoting the safe use of taxis and minicabs, especially for lone women, so it is a good idea to help enforce this message in your advertising. Whilst the most important part of your advertising needs to be how you display your telephone number you should also use words such as SAFE and TRUSTWORTHY, one of the best and most common forms of advertising is through business cards, it is important not to have cheap flimsy ones as this just will not help promote the right image.

Try the site for great quality and great value business cards. Have your number nice and big on the front and use the reverse to add the important points some of which I have stated above.Plus email for a promotional code worth 25% off any purchase (excluding P&P) valid until the 31/12/10.