For many businesses the recent trading times have been both challenging and incredibly difficult. Many have found themselves financially incapable of weathering what we have found to be the worst storm in a long time. In most cases the worse we have ever seen.

Through tough times some industry sectors will flourish while others struggle. Such sectors will be Accountants, Insolvency Practitioners and Financial Consultants to name just a few. Some businesses are lucky enough to keep the same level of work even through such hard times. Unfortunately lots will lose many customers and with that will lose plentiful work and therefore struggle to make the books balance at the end of each month.

I am sure most will agree that we have learnt a lot in this spell and our eyes have been opened widely to the fact that both wealth and prosperity can reverse. Through good times we must save for the possible bad times to come this is the only way we can survive any such re-occurrence of our countries current position.  This is exactly the same whether you are managing the finances for a company or just managing your household expenditures.

Many people throughout this period have found themselves out of work due to redundancies and are finding it difficult to find re-employment. This I can only imagine is a nightmare and cause of many a sleepless night. I really feel for all the people wanting to work but that currently cant find a position.

Whilst un-employed have you thought if there is anything you can do to help make your financials a little easier. Can you provide a service to your local community such as gardening, tidying, cleaning, labouring etc etc. Are you able to turn any of your previously trained skills into a form of income even if its slight. It will all help your household income. You never know your idea may even end up being q viable and successful self employment option.

Check out for all the info you would require such as self assessment tax. Also if you have signed on at your local Jobseekers Plus then that is great place to seek advice. Tax is nothing to be frightened of nor is it daunting if taken care of on day one. If you ignore it, it can become a nightmare. Controlled in the right manner it is fine and there is plenty of help and advice available free of charge if you are unsure, such as your local Jobseekers Plus or Citizens Advice or Local Tax Office. In order for you to carry out small duties to help improve your income in the majority of cases a simple self assessment is all you will need.

In order to get your name around you will need some business cards advertising your services. The fact you have only just started up does not mean that your cards should reflect this quite the opposite. At you can choose from thousands of professionally designed templates and simply add your details. What's more prices start from just £2.99... Can you afford not too...

Best of luck in whatever onward future you choose.

Let me know how you get on...