Business Card Feedback From Artists 

At Betterprint, we take customer service very seriously. We believe for our business to be successful we need our customers to come back to us time after time.

As part of the customer journey with Betterprint it is our policy to write to each customer around a week after they have taken delivery. We then ask questions regarding our performance and how they perceive the products they have received.

Illustrated Business Cards

One such customer is Sketchweasel who used our Custom Upload facility to buy 250 Matt Laminated Business Cards.

Kate Springfield of wrote in reply to our questions:

"I needed Business Cards the next day for a series of meeting which I had organised and so set about finding a supplier on the internet. I came across Betterprint and was impressed with their website; I already had the artwork and was looking for a professional company to produce a quality job in what was a demanding schedule. I used Betterprint's Custom Upload facility which I found simple effective and thoroughly easy to use, the Business Cards arrived the very next day as per their Sonic Rush Next Day service and I could not be more pleased."

At Betterprint we believe your Business card is an extension of your company and so buying on solely on price is the wrong way to go. Quality is everything and Kate recognised this when she ordered her 400gsm Business Cards. Here is a copy of the artwork uploaded to our site by Kate Springfield of Sketchweasel.





Sketchweasel needed Business Cards that reflected what they do and that they are a quality organisation working in a high profile demanding sector. is the website of concept design artist Kate Springfield who is an Animator/Illustrator/Concept Artist from Hampshire, England.

At the moment Kate mainly works independently on animation and concept projects and her latest project is providing FX Animation for the London based company Breakthrough Films. Here she is working on one of a series of short independent films (Project Chopin), directed and produced by Salvador Maldonado and Crystal Compton.

Kate Describes Her Style & Influences

I guess you could describe my style as Disney walks into a bar and meets up with, 80's cartoons, game art and quirky design....well, it would be nice if you did. My art tends to go its own way depending on what I'm up to at the time, but in most of my pieces, telling a story is the most important aspect. I love to produce a piece that prompts someone to ask 'what will happen now'. I am influenced by virtually everything, but in particular : History, the 80's, Leonardo Da Vinci, Comic Books, Designer toys and obviously the entire art spectrum.

Some market areas of specialisation that I am keen to develop relationships within is Magazine and Book covers, Graphics, Comic Pages, Concept art for any part of the entertainment industry, Storyboards, Animation and Illustrations.

This blog has been produced with the co-operation of Kate at and is designed to spread the word about one of our customers who has used our website and wants to promote her business.

If this type of blog interests you and you would like to appear in any of our future articles please contact me and we can discuss further.

Business Card Discount

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I am sure the Business Cards that Kate at Sketchweasel purchased will help her secure some future business and our unique fully customisable designs are ready and waiting to help you do the same.

Good Luck