Arriving at a desktop near you, the Betterprint Corporate Site.

The company behind Betterprint, Poplar Services Printers Ltd. has commissioned a new website for larger business stationery users and corporate customers.

The new site will be dedicated to individual organisations who have an ongoing requirement for business stationery and related products, from business cards to letterheads, with compliment slips, note pads, desk pads and even promotional items such as pens. In short, if a business has a product which they need to conform to corporate guidelines but would like the ease of internet ordering without the loss of control, then this site will tick all the boxes.

Initially, it is anticipated that to benefit from cost savings a business that joins our new site will need to have the scope and requirement of between 50 and 100 individual orders per year. The new site branding will follow the now well established site, along with the Poplar brand, integrating elements of both so that both sets of customers will identify with the organisation.

How Will it Work?

As with all things Betterprint the main focus will be business cards, which will follow each particular customer's corporate guidelines for both material and colour, layout and perspective. Each user will have to create a username and password and complete delivery details the first time they use the site.

Once into their individual secure area they will be presented with various products that they buy on a regular basis and can personalise without compromising on their corporate guidelines. An online proof will be presented for approval, and customers will then simply select from a pre-agreed quantity matrix and decide on the speed of production - each business can have production speeds pre-determined, the guide will be within 5 working days however a 'next working day' service will be available subject to a reasonable additional charge, allowing total flexibility to all our clients.

A wide range of payment facilities will be available, including buying on account with an order number in the traditional way, or payment by individual and corporate credit cards including Amex or even Paypal. Each individual user will have total control over their order history and re-ordering could not be simpler using the following 5 steps:

  • Log on
  • Select product
  • Amend personalisation or re-order exact
  • Proof
  • Pay or insert order number

The site's admin side will link all users of the same company for reporting purposes and reports can be tailor made to individual customer requirements. There is no restriction on the number of users allowing for multiple users on the same site and preferences around multiple or single logins.

Today's technology provides Betterprint and Poplar customers with a far reaching desktop ordering system which will not only speed up production but will eradicate cost elements, meaning there will  be good savings to be made. The order process, and the often even longer proofing process, will be vastly cut down so that the end user is in total control of how and when an order is placed, and can proof online at the touch of a button. The new process also eradicates typesetting at our end, as once the order is placed we will receive a hi-resolution PDF along with the normal order requirements. We will then print directly from the completed PDF without manual intervention and, believe me, after 25 years of setting business cards and related stationery and then either faxing, or in latter years emailing a proof, chasing them up and finally making alterations and correcting typing errors, this will be revolutionary!

As with all Betterprint / Poplar products, deliveries can be made on a national or international basis; the beauty is, if you are away on business and need to order a product you can access the site from any where in the world, place your order and, if required, have it easily delivered to your current location or next destination.

The launch date for our new site is January 2012.

If you are a multi-site volume user of business cards and printed stationery and would like more detail about how this great new offering can benefit your organisation, contact me with your questions.