Are you in the Veterinary business?

If so dedication to animals is more than likely the driving force behind your business and your primary goal will be to offer the very best care and attention for your clients - the animal ones!

Whether you are an owner operator part of a franchise or a partner in a medium to large practice the welfare of your animals will always come first, however in the end yours is like any other business in the land a commercial enterprise, not everyone recognises the need to prosper to enable to continue offering first class service that benefits the well being of your animals.

How you communicate your message plays a large part in how your business is perceived and how your image is displayed can be part of the driving force behind your success.

Branding is not for just the larger business it is for EVERY serious business no matter how small!

It is worth spending a little time considering your branding strategy or lack of one and then applying a few simple rules. Your brand is your name and everything that can be conjured up when someone thinks of your name, you don't have to spend a fortune on a brand strategy but you should consider some of the basics that will help make your business stand out from the crowd.

When was the last time you refreshed your Stationery or Signage these are two vital areas that communicate your message to your existing and potential clients.
A clean professional look that is well displayed and in printing terms produced on quality material creates a message that you are a quality organisation.

How good do your Business Cards look and feel?

For relatively little money these days you can find excellent designs in your sector that are both innovative and contemporary - you should only buy cards that are printed on 400gsm board and if buying Matching Stationery look for companies who print on 120gsm, these materials are thicker than the average organisation and so set you aside form others.
A good simple idea to easily give business cards out and therefore increase brand awareness is to print your card design and information on one side and an appointments listing on the other side, clients then take away a card with your branding on one side and relevant information to them on the other side, your assistant can write in their next appointment.

You will be surprised how little marketing organisations in your sector actually do and over a period of time constant promotion via business cards really does work, however they must be of the highest quality - don't go looking for the cheapest that won't achieve your objective!

The internet is a great place for obtaining such products and my company is at the forefront of innovation for you to take advantage of the ease in ordering, better designs and great value prices. Take a look for yourself, see our customer comments under the Help button  - Customer Feedback.

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