Business Cards: Designs That Benefit Business

The online World for buying Business Cards and Matching Stationery is one of so much choice that even the most skilled internet users can fail to spot the good from the bad.

To help you navigate through the endless choice I feel it is important to understand fully what you are trying to achieve. You can do this by answering a few simple questions:

•    Do you believe your Business Card should represent your business?

•    Do you want your customers to have the impression they are dealing with a quality trustworthy company?

•    Are first impressions on potential customers important?

These are three simple questions that you should ask yourself before buying Business cards online. Why? Well it's simply really, if all you think about is how much they cost, then it is likely that your answers to the questions above must have been 'no'. However, if the answer to the above three questions was 'yes' (as it should be), then read on and use these simple but effective guidelines to help you through the minefield of finding the right partner to produce these important business tools. Your Business Cards are an extension of you and your business and so it is not going to benefit you buying a product that is low budget and poor quality. As with any business expense, I am not suggesting you buy the gold plated version, or pay over the odds for the hell of it - just a common sense approach that will set you on the right path.

Business Card Design: What's important?

The design is the first area you should pay particular attention to.  This crystallises the way in which your card will look.

  •  Try to incorporate something that easily brings a connection to your business within the design and you won't go far wrong - pictures tell a story and all that!

  • Simple, calm, yet striking colours can bring your card to life. Try not to mix too many. Be precise in what you say and ensure it is easily readable.

  • Remember most online sites will show you a proof that is larger than your actual cards will be, so it is important to understand that if you can only just read it on screen it is likely to be less visible when it is finally printed.

  • Use the reverse of your card to either bullet point your services or just add your website in a centralised position, in nice easy to read bold text. This way you get two impacts for the price of one.

Business Card Quality

Once you have chosen a contemporary design, it will lessen the impact if it is printed on low grade thin flimsy material. Only buy Business Cards from organisations who can print on 400gsm material as this is what will help you standout from the crowd. When a sturdy Business Card with a great design is handed out, potential customers take notice and as you generally only have a split second to make an impression. 400gsm Cards will help achieve this - trust me this really will work!

Professional Business Card Design

The internet is as diverse as any shopping arena we have and can provide everything we need to help us in our day to day business lives. However, as with any purchase, care should be taken to ensure you are dealing with both reputable and substantial organisations who can deliver upon their promises. Earlier on I used the word partnership as this is how any ongoing trading relationship should be seen. A quality company will want your business time after time - not just a one off order never to return. If I was you I would choose a company based in the UK who can offer quality designs for you to choose from. Back those designs up with a 400gsm thickest card, plus a range of services so you can get hold of your goods at a time to suit you.

If you use the above rules you will not go far wrong. You should still have plenty of suppliers to choose from -  just not the hundreds that you will have come across before you applied the above information.

Betterprint: Business Cards & Stationary is one such company, based in the UK, It offers designs that are all fully customisable. These are not just basic run of the mill designs which many companies offer; they are innovative, contemporary and visually pleasing. Betterprint was brought together by a range of established professional designers who know the Business Card industry. They have created a truly unique value site that can deliver a small to medium company a branded product, after only a few minutes input. Something for everyone, they have thousands of designs categorised in Styles and Professions to help you find the one for you and they all come with Matching Stationery.

Alternatively, if you have your own design, then choose the Custom UpLoad Range.They only print on 400gsm smooth white silk art board and offer standard FSC or fully recycled material. You can choose from either Matte or Gloss business cards, with Lamination and Round cornering.

Standard delivery is 5 working days or choose one of their faster services; 3 working day Rush service or a Sonic Rush next day service.

Take a look at what their customers are saying before you buy go to then to Help then select Customer Feedback.

Betterprint is the web trading arm of a well established large print organisation based in St Helens Merseyside and has 24 years experience to call upon. If you need any advice feel free to call 0844 704 1756.
We are not a faceless wonder and pride ourselves on getting the best quality products to our customers, who come back time after time - that's the partnership!

Betterprint: Business Card Promotion

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Enjoy shopping on our fully secure site.

Good luck