Are you in the business of home or company cleaning or providing home services?

For most small to medium size companies in this sector marketing is not something at the top of their list as they spend much of their time doing rather than thinking about business development. I don't want to over complicate this area I just have a relatively simple idea that you can employ to help gain you more customers and then to retain those customers over a period of time that will be mutually beneficial to your business and the customer.
For most small businesses costs are a key factor in whether they spend money advertising, of course it would be great to have a marketing company employed to deliver a fully blown cohesive campaign on your behalf, but the cost is going to far out weigh the potential benefit so they shy away. Not only do they shy away from major campaigns but also from the small areas that can help improve their business - this is a mistake!

A great tool to help you spread the word are Business Cards - they have been around for hundreds of years and you should have some.
Not just any old Business Card mind.

Whilst the humble Business card can make a great connection between you and your potential customers if you use cheap flimsy ones it will send out the wrong message about your business.

Buy a quality product that can help deliver a quality message about you and your business!

Where should you start?

Well here is a website that caters for your requirements:  they offer lots of designs that are ready and waiting for you to customise so you can easily create a unique look and feel for your business at value for money prices that are hard to beat anywhere on the net:

  • They only supply the very best quality 400gsm (thickest available) which should always be your starting point as they will help with your quality message.

  • Choose a design with a photographic image that connects your business and your customers requirements.

  • Be to the point and ensure the text that you use is large enough and easy to read.

  • Always use the reverse of the card, you can print a pre-designed receipt on them - just select in the "BACKS" area.

  • Don't just buy on price: cheap flimsy cards won't help.

Once you have your new Business cards use them, give them out at every opportunity and spend a few hours on selected housing estates pushing them through the doors. This simple technique to market ones business is widely used but often badly as the products companies push through our doors is of poor quality and this automatically conjures up poor quality workmanship - not what you want!

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Good Luck