Boost Your Consultancy Business With A Quality Business Card

Let's face it business consultancy covers a multitude of diverse businesses and up until recently had what can only be described as a poorly perceived image problem. Thankfully if you own, run or work in such a consultancy then thanks to the bankers your profession is no longer at the top of the list for what is perceived by the general public as a sector that by and large don't offer-  great value for money.

Now before you start shouting at me this is not just my opinion and for those of you out there working hard to ensure your profession is seen in a decent light; keep up the good work!

However I think it is always worth stepping back from the cocoon, that to a certain extent, surrounds us all in our various chosen fields and try to look at our professions from an outsider's point of view. To better understand the perception of one's potential clients is always a shrewd move and in gaining a greater knowledge about those clients we can also gain a clear focused view of what drives them to use our services.

Improve Business Image - The Benefits of Business Cards

Knowledge is Power! - some people have it some people don't.

To have or have not really simplifies and creates a straight forward black and white position when truly there are many grey areas that exist around customer based knowledge, often such areas alone seem relatively unimportant, but, when placed together with other sections can help provide a well focused customer driven policy that in turn will provide greater returns.

Often the importance of simple business tools are overlooked and how these tools can impact on day to day business is vastly misunderstood, one highly underrated area is Business Cards; how they should look and feel; how they can improve your image. Your Business cards should be an extension of yourself and should project a quality message about you and your business as well as the relevant contact information that all these cards carry.
If you get the look and feel right whenever you hand them out you should expect to get a positive reaction, subliminally this reaction creates a positive link between the quality image that your Business Card portrays and you and your business. As in any walk of life first impressions are important and so such a positive reaction at such an early stage in a customer relationship can help set you aside from your competition - don't get me wrong, if you talk a load of rubbish after that just having great Business Cards will almost certainly not close the deal!

So how can you easily go about improving this vital communication tool:

The internet is the place to buy such products these days as you no longer have to go through a protracted design process and engage expensive designers, after all it is suppose to be you that make the great fees. As with any product you are going to find hundreds of suppliers all saying theirs is the best so here are a few simple tips to ensure you get to the right websites and buy the best available products for your profession:

  • Only buy Business Cards printed on 400gsm silk, I also recommend Matt Lamination as a specialist finish for the consultancy industry.
  • Ensure you are buying from a UK based site as they will deliver the best quality.
  • Look for websites that offer fully customisable designs that you can choose from.
  • A guide price for say 250 Business Cards printed one side with Matt Lamination should be around £35.00 if you are paying much less the product is likely to be of a lesser quality than what you require!
  • Spend 5 minutes reading customer feedback and ensure they are easy to contact; publish phone numbers etc.

Here is a site I think it is worth looking at offer thousands of pre-designed fully customisable Business Cards and Matching Stationery products and are compliant with my list above. They have a specific consultancy category that I am sure you will find very interesting.
To help you get started mail me at quoting "consultants blog" and in return I will send you a
promo code worth 25% discount.

Good Luck