Business Cards: Musicians & Bands

Whether you are a sole musician, member of a band or involved in the performing arts you should consider having professionally printed Business Cards.

The humble business card has been around for some 300 years and has helped many different organisations with their communications to customers both existing and prospective, so, in reality whatever your profession if you need to gain and influence customers you need Business Cards.

What type of business card do I need?

If you think about what happens in the split seconds after you have handed one of your Business Cards to someone it then helps to understand what type you need. In short when a Business card is handed out the recipient accesses the look and feel within a few seconds and it is in these few seconds that you have to make an impression about yourself and your business. Let's take it as Red that you want to make a good first impression:

So why would you want to give out a cheap and flimsy business card?

Answer: You Don't!

A quality product will help set you aside from your competition and help make the right first impression, to help you find the right quality here are some tips:

The internet is a good place to buy your Business cards from, try


•    Only buy 400gsm thick - this is the thickest on the net and you will notice the difference.

•    Don't buy flimsy, free or Business cards that are too cheap as you will be disappointed with the results.

•    Buy from a company that advertise their address, not a faceless wonder that you cannot communicate with; do they have a prominent phone number?

•    Look for customisable designs possibly with photos of your industry or profession: this helps to create an immediate impression.

•    Upgrade if possible to a Matt or Gloss Laminated Card: this gives the best possible finish.

•    Always print a message or utilise the reverse of your cards: two hits for the price of one.

If you follow the above simple few steps you will be well on your way to creating the right look and feel for your Business Cards. In turn you will make a great first impression, leading to a better conversion rate from prospective customer to regular customer.

Betterprint offer thousands of innovative contemporary designs ready and waiting for you to customise, they have a section under the category of Music which is available within Professions. Here you will find specialist musical referenced Business Cards some with photography and some with linked styles take a look and see if you can't help improve your image.

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Good Luck