Shopping for Business Cards?

The internet provides the very best arena for buying Business Cards and associated products, however if you are going to be satisfied with the products you receive you will need to follow some basic rules to ensure the you get the right product for you.

Most Business Card sales companies offer on the face of it very inviting offers - some will even offer to do yours for free!

Before I start dishing out my advice I want you to categorise your business that you wish to promote:

Agree or Disagree with one of the following:

1.    I am only interested in a low cost Business Card and will just opt for the cheapest, quality does not interest me, and I just want my name and number on a bit of card.

2.    I am only interested in enhancing the way my company is perceived and understand a Business Card is one of the most important tools to help me with this.

Ok so if you fall into category 1 then just read why I believe this is the wrong way to go when buying Business Cards reasons below under, then if I don't convince you I will give you the name of one of my competitors who will fulfil your requirements.

What is a Business Card?

When you give out your card to a prospective or existing customer they will judge it, they will both consciously and sub consciously make a note of how it feels and how it looks.

•    The FEEL comes first, they may glance at it when you give it to them but usually the visual impact comes later often when you have long since departed your meeting.

•    The positive impact a Business Card can have when your client FEELS a quality product is a vital first step in reinforcing your message to them that you are a professional and a quality organisation.

•    You will not achieve this quality feel if you buy a flimsy Business Card and so even if you paid nothing or very little for the piece of card you call your Business Card you will certainly not influence decision makers and so in such a competitive World where you need every advantage you can get your hands upon is it really worth buying the CHEAPEST?

•    The LOOK comes next, spend time in this area buying a Business Card that fits in with your identity and use the branding throughout your other visual contact which you have with your prospective and existing customers. It is worth paying for a distinctive contemporary design that will sit well with your organisation and one that you can customise to produce a truly unique look.

If you still are not convinced then I suggest you go to VISTA PRINT, they are the largest seller of Business Cards on the internet World Wide. They will however do the following:

•    Print your cards on 260gsm flimsy card our cards and others who offer better quality are printed on 400gsm - this is over 50% thicker and really will make the difference.

•    Try and entice you into their monthly subscription of $9.99 for various discounts on all types of things - mostly useless!

•    They will bombard you with emails every other day to try and get you to buy other items which they sell with higher profit margins!

Buy Quality Business Cards

Hopefully you agreed with item 2 above and so here is the sensible way you should select your Business Card provider.

•    Only buy from a UK based company with an easy to find telephone number - as phone numbers often are disguised these days check out their contact address to ensure they are UK based.

•    Only buy from companies who can print on 400gsm thick smooth silk art board.

•    Look for designs that can easily fit with your organisations identity, it is good to use pictures on Business Cards as they help remind customers of what you do.
•    Buy from a company that can offer added value services such as Matt or Gloss lamination, Round Cornering and one who if needed can get your Business Cards to you the next day!

Betterprint can't print and provide a quality product and service for free, but they will do you a first class job and you will be delighted with what you receive from them, I am certain of that!

Business Cards At Betterprint: Promotional Discount

Having read this blog (which I hope is useful) if you want to buy from our site mail me quoting "How To Buy Blog” and in return I will send you a Promo Code worth 25% discount, plus when you buy any Matching Stationery Products at the same time you will get a further 20% additional discount on those Matching Products.

Good luck.