It has recently been reported by the BBC, that the traditional business card has been overtaken by digital technology. In the article, Bobbie Johnson argues that the digital world has sidelined the business card and made way for "futuristic alternatives".

At Betterprint, we know that this just isn't true. Of course, we understand the benefits of information sharing technology, such as iPhones, but ultimately this will never replace the personal approach of the business card.

In fact, digital technologies have simply contributed to an evolution of the traditional business card and made it an increasingly useful tool for business. 

Business Cards Vs. Digital

Below we have compiled five reasons why digital can't compare to the business card:

1.  Business Cards: The Personal Touch

Never underestimate the power of the personal approach. Digital networks, like Facebook and Twitter, can't compare to the personality a good business card can generate. The more people are interacting online, the more important real life communication becomes. An effective business card offers a physical way of communicating that cannot be found online.

2.  Creativity: Business Cards Stand Out

Business cards are an opportunity to create something special for your clients and potential customers. This is the opposite of standardised iPhone and social network layouts that can become boring and impersonal. At Betterprint, you can create your own custom design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Convenience: Take your Business card everywhere!

A business card can be taken everywhere. It's not only the perfect companion to business meetings, but any occasion where you need to showcase your business. A business card can be taken everywhere you go, something not always true of digital services.

4. Cost-effective Business Cards

Betterprint offers fantastic deals on all of its business cards and stationery, which start from just £2.99.We also provide a standard delivery service that is included in the price of your chosen product.

This makes purchasing business cards a great value investment for you business.

5. Digital & Business Cards - The ultimate partnership

Digital technologies have enabled Betterprint to produce some of the most innovative business cards around.
Here are some of the advantages digital has created for us:

•    QR Codes - As our previous blog stated, putting a QR code on your business card can transfer clients straight to your website.
•    Personalised designs: Betterprint can easily upload digital photos, images and logos to your business card.
•    Advanced printing: New digital printing now allows us to create better looking business card designs at lower prices.
•    Social Media Information - A business card will boost your social networking. We can include information about your Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Digital technologies have actually advanced the business card industry, not replaced it. 

Business Cards at Betterprint

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Good Luck,

The Betterprint Team