Marketing Your Business

When we go out it is amazing just how many times we are marketed, whether we are sat at traffic lights or walking through a shopping mall. The differences in marketing vary for a variety of reasons. For instance, most times you walk into a supermarket there is generally someone stood there with a clipboard waiting for you to glance over, and then they are in for the pounce. Another is being handed leaflets in the street advertising offers, new shops, bars etc. Both methods will work well in their own given right. You only have to think that most major household utility companies use the previous method because it works. (Albeit that most of us try our hardest to avoid the clipboards like it's the plague.)

Business Image: Standout From The Crowd

There are far too many marketing forms to mention, but one that many people do miss is the simplest of them all: IMAGE

Have you ever thought about a font being a marketing strategy or perhaps size and colour? For instance, when you walk into a petrol or service station and look across the convenience store. Is it by chance that statements such as 'Sale' and 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' catch your eye? I think not. Most will use colourful and easy to read big block typefaces to stand out from the background. The fact this catches our attention is enough for this method alone to drive sales.

Why not carry this same rule of thought into the branding of your company? Make people sit up and listen to what you have to offer.

Business Cards: Be Bold

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