Last week at a breakfast networking meeting I got chatting to a financial adviser about how important networking has been for his business. Over the past ten years his business has never done any marketing they don't have a website and have grown organically by referral.

They use networking events to help them understand how consumers feel about financial advice and get independent feedback on high street banking products. Every two weeks he meets around twenty five fellow networkers from various local businesses, during the meeting each member of the group has sixty seconds to introduce their business and pass around their business cards.

It got me thinking about how important business cards are for financial advisors and as they have a certain sensitive image that they need to portray, and that really comes across in the business cards that they hand out. Financial advisors need to show their conservativeness, formality, and stability, along with the reputation of the company they represent.

The business card design is important in this field because you are dealing with money, and people are very concerned about where their money will go and what kind of profit they can make with it. This is a huge business, and there are thousands of financial advisors to choose from, so the first impression can be a huge factor in whether they choose you. The design should be both bold, and traditional. You want to show them that you can invest their money wisely while taking a little risk to ensure more profit.

Colour business cards show off your style and innovation they should be strong but too not bright blues and dark greens can work well in this sector.Rememeber financial consumers aren't looking for new trends over the long run, they are looking for permanence.

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