Business Cards: 'Cheap' And 'Free' Are Not What They Seem

Thousands of people shop for Business Cards every day and the most common search terms are "free” or "cheap”.

I want to offer my reasons why neither of these terms should be primary reasons for buying such important business tools. Firstly we have to agree on what a Business Cards purpose is:

•    To promote you and your business in a positive light and convey a sense of quality and professionalism.

At least that's what I think they are for. It is going to be very difficult ensuring you get the right message across in the right way, if all you consider is how cheap you can buy these products. Don't get me wrong as business man I spend most of my life trying to ensure my business purchases goods at the right value, notice I say value and not price. This is because always buying the cheapest only delivers low cost products, in some cases this will not affect your business but in others it will have a detrimental effect.

E.g. we all use electricity, this can be bought from a number of suppliers at a range of different deals, you may as well opt for the cheapest option that suits you and your business, as there is only one type of electricity and it all functions in the same way.

However, Business Cards play a far more important role in the development of your business than who you buy your electricity from, and so you should spend what is necessary to get the right product that will benefit you and your business.Yes look for value. You don't need gold plated ones but do look for quality, a quality look and feel when it comes to your Business Cards will help set you aside from your competition and leave positive lasting impressions on your prospective customers.

Betterprint Business Cards

My company Betterprint delivers quality products at competitive prices, but we don't do cheap flimsy feeling Business Cards and we cannot give them away for free without trying to trick you into buying something else - these are the tactics employed by the major competition in this field.
At we have thousands of innovative contemporary designs ready and waiting for you to customise, which enables you to transform a pre designed template into a truly unique look within minutes.

Take a look and see for yourself, we only print using the very latest techniques and only use 400gsm thick board ensuring our Business Cards are as good as you can buy anywhere on the net. We offer complete Matching Stationery all available for customisation at the touch of a button and are committed to delivering true value for money. We want you to buy from our site not just the once but multiple times and we want you to help us spread the word to your friends and business colleagues. We won't get this response if we do not provide you with a quality product that you will be proud to hand out, so it is our mission to ensure your total satisfaction.

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Good Luck
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