If you are thinking of starting a business or have been in business for sometime, you will probably require one of the world's most widely used business tools - The humble Business Card!

In these times of austerity it is very easy to focus on cost and how cheaply you can obtain Business Cards from many places on the internet. Go ahead Google - "Business Cards” and see the 208 million results that will quickly be presented to you. You will probably look no further than Page 1, and to be fair there is no need for you to go any further. However, beware of offers that seem too good to be true.

There is a wise old saying - if something appears too good to be true it usually is! Where Business Cards on the internet are concerned this statement is 100% true.

Express Yourself: Business Cards & Reputation

Your Business Card needs to reflect you and your business in a positive and professional light. You need existing and potential clients to be impressed with your Business Card- cheap, low quality Business Cards just won't do the trick. Use the following simple guidelines to help you get the best from buying your cards on the internet.

  • Only ever buy a card that is 400gsm thick - Nearly all the fantastic looking offers on the net are on 280gsm which are too thin and will not help your image, remember quality is everything!

  • Add Lamination  - This is an extra durable coating, which gives a great feel as well as preventing scratching. It is always best to use lamination if you use a design where the ink covers the whole of your Business Cards.

  • Choose a design that has a link to your industry or profession - this always helps potential customers clearly understand what you are offering, choose a site that offers pre-templated designs this way you are not paying extra for the design work and you can easily customise the design to create a unique look.

  • Check Out Customer Satisfaction: This will give you a good indication of service and quality.

  • British Companies: You will get the best service and products from British Companies who are manufacturing in the UK.

Business Cards From Betterprint

If you follow the five basic steps above you will not go far wrong with your choice of Business Card provider and I am sure you will be delighted with the results. Of course you don't have to spend the earth to get the right product for your business, but "FREE business cards" will make you look cheap and that is not an impression any of us wish to portray.

If, as suggested above, you Google "Business Cards” there are currently only two providers who can fulfil the above criteria on page 1 and we are one of them.
Betterprint offer excellent 400gsm business cards backed by a quality service, you will find different designs to choose from and you will be happy with the results all at great value for money prices.

I hope you find the above information useful and it helps you to locate the Business Cards and Matching Stationery that is perfect for your business.

If you have any comments or questions mail me at david@betterprint.co.uk and ask me for a 40% blog PROMO CODE to use on our Betterprint site.

Good Luck