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Can The Christmas High Street Help To Improve Your Business?

Last week Christmas had its official launch on the high street, and so the onslaught for us to buy more than we need has begun!

I am fairly disengaged from the whole Christmas band wagon, especially now as it seems to start in October. Is it me, or when I was younger did it not just kick off in December?

I am not a great advocate of the High Street Retail Sector but I do think small to medium sized businesses can learn valuable lessons in how they communicate their brand consistently and effectively.  Large organisations with well known brands use this medium to help extract more sales from us.

Branding: The Business Card Logo

Branding: The reason why we pay three times as much for the same product in one store over another!

1. The Logo

A well branded business creates an image that will attract customers and boost sales. It defines the quality of your service and standouts out against competitors. A good logo is a key element to a successful brand image. Think of the logos on the high street:  GAP, M&S, H&M, John Lewis. These businesses recognise the importance of a brand that people are attracted to and remember.

This successful model is not just for the big names of the high street, small businesses can also benefit from a strong logo. For example, a great way of making your brand memorable is by printing your logo onto a quality business card. Try,, where there are thousands of business card designs that you can customize to suit your brand. By doing this, your logo is being seen by many potential customers - the perfect way of creating a business image people will remember.

2. The Branding Strategy

To create a successful business you will need to direct your energies into a number of areas. Marketing and brand awareness ought to be one of your top three priorities right behind finance and the market you choose to sell into. How your existing and potential customers think of you is crucial to the ongoing success of any business so it is vitally important that you communicate visually with those customers in a professional manner. No matter how large or small your enterprise is, a brand awareness plan will help portray the right image in the right way.

Here are some of the areas you should cover in your branding plan:

•    Try to link your vision for the business to your brand.
•    Think carefully about the name of your business, make sure it does not offend, is easy to pronounce and is not too much of a mouthful.
•    A logo or a pictorial link to your business name will make it more memorable and easier to recognise.
•    Create a cohesive relationship between all visual imagery whatever the medium, by consistently using the same logo maintaining style and colours at all times.
•    Signage and Print should be of high quality reflecting the image of professionalism

Business Cards & Stationary: Branding Accesories

My business Betterprint can help you get started and improve your branding and visual image. Business stationery is an important part of your overall branding and so should not be neglected or left to chance. Our designs are readily available for you to customise creating the start of your very own truly unique brand.

A quality professionally printed business card can open more doors than you might think, especially if you think laterally in ways you can use them.

Try some of these business card tips and see if it makes a difference for you:

•    Don't order the FREE ones on the net - nothings for free, they won't add value to your business.
•    Try to find the 400gsm thick cards and stay away from too many garish colours.
•    Stand out from the crowd by adding matt or gloss lamination or have them round cornered.
•    Always carry your cards with you, give them out freely and leave them in places where your target audience are likely to visit.
•    Whatever your product or service always supply a couple of cards to every customer
•    Join your local chamber of commerce networking club - lots of opportunities here to pass out your cards and generate business leads.
•    Introduce yourself to all your local businesses

If you integrate these simple rules into your branding and marketing strategy you will be setting out on the right path. Hopefully they can help your business develop into a brand that customers can relate to and associate with quality and reliability - two of the main reasons why customers remain loyal.

Please feel free to comment on how your own branding strategy and has worked for you.

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Good luck.