Why service levels can set Internet companies apart! Have you ever ordered something from the Internet, only to be disappointed with the service that comes with the products? Like most of you, I have been touched by shoddy service from Internet stores. Poor service levels are not only linked with online shopping, but they can be traced back to very early retailing. In other words, it's nothing new and we should not be surprised to see it so prevalent in the current arena of Internet shopping.

The one main area of difference between traditional shopping outlets and internet based ones seems to be visibility. The Internet sells products easily and offers no real back up, or recourse. Any recourse that does exist is buried somewhere inside those lengthy terms and conditions, that the majority of us never bother to read.

The quality of service from Internet based companies was at the forefront of my mind, when earlier this year we launched our new interactive website www.betterprint.co.uk. I was, and I still am, committed to the very best customer service that we can provide. We offer upfront charges that are fair, competitive and fully explained under our PRICES page on our site. You can also check out the total post and packaging charges via our online Postage Calculator, available under the HELP button.

As well as thousands of innovative designs and complete Matching Stationery Products, we will provide continuous customer service that is second to none. Betterprint will be responsive, helpful and will always keep our customers informed of any developments. You can track your order via our website where you will see the following live developments as your order races through our production facility:

Processing Order- This appears in your previous order page once an order has been placed. You will have been notified through our Sagepay partners that your secure transaction has been completed successfully.

In Production- This means we have automatically downloaded your artwork and it has commenced production within our factory.

Shipped- This means your goods have been shipped and should arrive in accordance with the Production Service you have purchased. In order to uphold our service ethos you can also mail us, or ring us to check the progress of your order. You won't be left waiting, or placed through to an automated telephone answering service, just good old fashioned every day people who are employed to ensure our customers get the very best in customer service. Our website has visible contact information on most of our pages, and our complete trading address is easy to find under the Contact Us page.

Everyone at Betterprint believes quality customer service helps develop business relationships, and can set any business apart from its competitors. I have employed this tactic throughout my company's existence, now more than 24 years. It has helped our business be successful through 3 recessions and many ups and downs and twists and turns. I am particularly proud of the customer comments on both our service and products at Betterprint. I would urge anyone who is thinking of ordering Business Stationery on the Internet to read these comments, which can be found under the Help button CUSTOMER FEEDBACK.

If after reading this blog you have any questions regarding customer service, any of our products, or even a general printing enquiry, please feel free to mail me at david@betterprint.co.uk. I will do my very best to help.

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