Business Card Design: New Businesses

If you are in business or about to start out in a venture you should understand the importance of how the correct image is portrayed through your business Stationery.

Often over looked is the importance of just how much the right look and feel can impact on your business. I have made a few pointers below that everyone should follow to ensure they are getting the very best from these important business tools.

Main areas for thought:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • With Compliment Slips.

Other areas for consideration:

  • Note Pads & Labels.

Quality: Business Cards & Stationary

This is essential, don't underestimate how much negative impact a low cost product can have, if you choose to skimp on these products you are setting your business off on the wrong footing; if it feels cheap and flimsy and looks average that is the impression you are displaying to your existing and potential clients.

Generally it is taken for granted that we all want to impress our prospective customers, so why would you consider buying anything but top quality to help you do this?

You don't have to spend a fortune, but, you must spend wisely and not just take the cheapest option!

For Business Cards only buy ones that are printed on a 400gsm material: this will provide the right feel and the extra thickness will have an immediate reaction from your clients. I would also recommend Matt or Gloss Lamination: this will even further enhance your Business Cards and really help to set you aside from the competition.

For Matching Stationery always buy a thickness of 120gsm preferably a High White Smooth Wove, which will have lots of body and again will be impressive, white is the best option for these products; if you really want a background colour then it is much better to do this with an all over tint of the colour of your choice rather than look for a coloured sheet of paper, and you only need to print any such colour to the front of your Matching Stationery. Remember that as you will be writing over the top of these products it is best to use only a very pale colour for background.

Note Pads & Labels are additional products you should consider having in your portfolio to use as selling aids. A note pad given to clients to scribble on may seem a bit of a waste, but it places your name in front of that client all year round and for relatively little money - that can't be bad. Similarly Labels can be placed on your products just as a reminder of who it was bought from, and where to go back to when they want some more.

Business Accessories: Design

In the end if you get the Quality right but then print using a low quality design you are wasting your time and money, so once again don't skimp in this area. We all like to design our own stuff and we all think we are budding designers. We go off and knock it up in Word, or some other basic program, then want it reproducing and don't understand that it is unlikely to be as good as a professionally designed product.

My advice - unless you have decent design skills and can create it within software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign don't bother doing it yourself, either buy it from a professional designer or use the internet to choose from a range of fully customisable pre-designed templates. The latter will be the best option if you are working to a budget.

Who to buy from: Betterprint Business Cards

Business Cards and Matching Stationery can be found on the internet these days in abundance, go ahead use Google, you won't be spoilt for choice. As well as the tips above I think you will do better buying for a UK based organisation as it is from some of these suppliers that you will be able to gain the 400gsm I have suggested. Try this company they can fulfil all of the above and have thousands of designs to choose from at very reasonable prices. To help you on your way, if you mail me at, I will send you a Promo Code worth 25% discount. Plus, if you buy more than one product you will receive a further 20 % discount from all those additional products.

Good Luck