What would you say is the ultimate direct marketing tool?

Well as strange as it seems I and many others like me believe it to be the humble Business Card!

I suppose after a statement like that you think I am going to try and sell you some, well you would be right, but, whether you buy them from my business or another business I think there are some fundamentals you should consider before ordering your next batch.

A business card can often be one of those business tools that is taken for granted, lack of awareness to the importance of such a vital communication aid can have serious effects on how you and your business are perceived by existing and potential clients. Making that first impression is so important to how your business relationships progress and I am sure most people reading this blog will agree that no one in business sets out to leave a poor or under whelming first impression.

Follow these simple tips that I have separated into small sections to get the very best from your Business Cards.

Two senses are involved when you pass your Business Card to a potential client:
Look and Feel.
Within seconds they will evaluate if it looks good and how it feels, so it is very important to get off to a good start. The feel is easy to sort out, only buy Business Cards that are printed on 400gsm material everyone will be impressed as they are way thicker than the average. Most internet providers print on material between 220gsm and 320gsm - Betterprint ONLY print on 400gsm Silk.

A silky feel adds to the overall impressiveness of the card and can only be improved further by additional finishing options such as Matt or Gloss Lamination.

Visual Impact
Make sure your cards are relevant to your business, you can do this by choosing a relevant contemporary pre-tempalted design, no need to have expensive graphic designers involved when the internet offers great choice. Pictures tell a story and so choosing a card with a relevant picture can have a really positive impact, at www.betterprint.co.uk you will find thousands of cards separated into Styles and Professions some with pictures and some with innovative designs ready for you to choose and personalise.

Your card should be clear and to the point, don't go overboard with too much information and stick to strong colours, use the back of the card if you need to list a few of your more crucial products or services - this way you get double the impact with the one card. Make sure your text is not too small, a common mistake people make when buying on the internet is they view the card at a much larger size than the size it is eventually printed at, most UK based cards are printed at 88mm x 55mm but will often be shown at a larger size on your screen to help with the design.

Know when to use them
This is very simple - ALL THE TIME!
Give your cards out at every single opportunity you get, if you have followed my basic steps above I promise people will be impressed, when they asked you where you bought them from remember it was www.betterprint.co.uk

At Betterprint we don't just sell Business Cards, you can buy the complete Matching Stationery package - you get 20% Discount on every Matching Stationery Product you buy online from Betterprint and to help you on your way if you mail me david@betterprint.co.uk quoting Business Card Blog Discount I will send you a promo code for a further 25% off all our products.

Place the promo code into the Promotional Code box on the Product Summary Page after the shopping basket.

I hope the above tips help you get the very best from your Business Cards and Matching Stationery!