Things to think about when completing your marketing plan.
Everyone knows that marketing is essential to effectively communicate a business to its customers in order to sell more of its existing products, launch new products to the marketplace, and to maximise revenues and profits. But creating a marketing plan that actually achieves those goals can seem a daunting and arduous task.

Here are some marketing tips in how to put together your plan:

Target the right customers - you may think you know your target market but not everyone does, don't waste time and money attempting to target everyone - be specific.

Understand your customer and potential customer needs - pay close attention to this element when developing your product or service as it will vastly impact your route to prosperity.

Ensure your potential and existing customers know about your products or services, this is where your marketing information is crucial and the importance of image becomes a key factor in determining how your prospects see and understand what you are about.

Emphasise the benefits of your products or services within your marketing literature - it is benefits not features that sell.

Don't be to ambitious with your projections - be realistic, lots of businesses fail due to over optimistic projections that even well established businesses could not deliver upon and so and quickly become a disappointment.

One area that you can easily get right is how your name is projected, buy some quality business cards that you will be proud to hand out to prospective clients and suppliers, this will help reinforce your image and assuming you do not buy cheap, poor quality ones will set your image projection standards at a high level from the outset. A good source for this type of product is the internet, take a look at

If you use any of my tips or you like the business card site let me know, I would welcome your comments.