In earlier blogs I have alluded to the fact I am a keen golfer and I gave my tips on the importance of the grip and how much it influences what the club face does at impact, I also mentioned aim and alignment which I said I would talk about in a future blog. I was discussing this with my friend and coach Adrian Fryer the other day and I mentioned my blog, he kindly offered to write a small piece on the importance of aim and alignment:

Often when you miss your target with your shot from the tee or the fairway you are not sure whether you actually aimed correctly during your set up or whether you aimed correctly but just made a bad swing. If you want to develop a really good swing technique it is imperative you also develop a sound alignment procedure and eliminate this variable so you can get to work on your swing.

Good alignment can be a very hard skill to learn for various human factors, some of which you have to override and some you have to trust. As humans our 'forward facing' eye position evolved in the same way as other hunter/gatherer species. The 'hunted' have eyes on the sides of their heads for better peripheral vision as protection from other prey.

So, when we stand behind our ball in our 'forward facing' mode we are much more able to visualise the direct line to our intended target than when we stand 'side on' trying to picture the same line. The situation is aggravated by the fact that we are also trying to align the clubface square to a ball, along our intended target line from a point over some 4 or 5 feet away from our eyes, at right angles to our body and on the floor!

These factors mean over a period of time you need to be able to visualise and develop a skill and 'second sense' of firstly accurately aligning your clubface to your target line and ball, then accurately positioning your body parallel to the original line too.

Adrian Fryer is a well established Warrington coach; a regular contributor to the UK's leading golf magazine Today's Golfer and is now coaching European Tour Player Phil Archer - as well as me! Take a look at his site

Adrian is very knowledgeable about all things golf and is passionate about teaching, I recommend him to all my friends and colleagues as someone who can definitely help their game improve whatever level they play at.

Hopefully the blog acts as a good reminder to just how important aiming correctly really is!