Here's a simple yet effective method for small shop keepers.

Customers are the life blood of any business and no matter what you sell in your shop how you drive customers through your door can have a massive impact on your sales. If you operate in a village or small town the community spirit amongst your fellow shop keepers is one important area that you can tap into. In order to get your extended customer base to try to shop locally you must make sure as local shopkeepers you practice what you preach.

You could even offer fellow shopkeepers a discount to try and improve community spirit, you will soon find this sort of behaviour will be reciprocated, a good way to communicate with all the other businesses is by giving them a business card with your name and details on one side and details of any offers on the other - make sure they are of high quality you don't want to portray the wrong image.

Similarly this sort of marketing tool can be pushed through potential customer doors instead of a leaflet, they are more personal and if they carry a message like: "support your local shops” will get the message across in a simple yet effective way.

A good site for such cards is they have thousands of different designs to choose from or you can up load your own artwork and the quality and prices are very good.

Take a look and let me know what you think.