Whether you're a vet, you own a kennel, you are a professional groomer or a dog walker, working with dogs generally is borne out of a passion for animals, and the desire to help improve their lives whilst they accompany us on life's journey.

I have two cocker spaniels, a golden one and a black one. At nearly 16 they are in the autumn of their lives, yet they both still enjoy a 2 mile walk every day and are very sprightly. Even though they are brothers, their characters are very different indeed. The golden one is shy and cautious and the black one is outgoing and loves people.

To be fair, my partner does most of the looking after and is very careful about what they eat and how their small ailments are treated. Neither of them is overweight and they have a fairly regimented routine; I believe these are the primary reasons they have lived so long.

We also sponsor a dog through the dogs' trust, a worthwhile charity that tries to re-house dogs and looks after those that are unlikely to be re-housed - see them at www.dogstrust.org.uk. You can sponsor a dog from as little a £1.00 per week and you will be able to follow his/her progress via the regular updates you receive.

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If anyone reading this has cocker spaniels at around about age 15/16 which they bought from Church Farm, Thornton-le-moors nr Chester and have a Charbonnel pedigree connection I would be interested to hear your story