How Does Your Business Impact The Environment?

More and more these days, environmental issues are having an impact on how we go about purchasing goods to help run our businesses.
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As a business owner, I take my responsibility to how my business affects the environment very seriously. Slowly but surely we are all waking up to the fact that we have to reduce carbon emissions if our children's children are to have a sustainable future. So that we are clear, I am not advocating joining friends of the earth, or any other left leaning campaign groups. From a middle of the road sensible position we have to take the overwhelming scientific evidence that continuing on our current path is seriously damaging our planet and its future.

Long ago, I took the decision that even though in the scope of things the impact of my business upon the environment was likely to be very small, it would only be right for me to try and ensure any such negative impacts were identified and minimised.
I own and run a printing company, We first looked at gaining recognition from a World Wide industry body and set about gaining the coveted International ISO14001 Environmental Standard. We are now in our fourth year operating to this standard and are audited by a team of third party accreditors annually. Maintaining this takes some rigorous effort and constant training of staff. They develop new techniques, whilst delivering against measurable targets set at the start of each year.

ISO14001 gives credibility to our policies and offers our customers the knowledge that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. From a practical point of view, it goes much deeper than that as it encourages each employee to take responsibility for their actions in the workplace. From an environmental stance, and in my opinion, therefore raises their awareness which reaches beyond just the work place and into their homes and day to day lives. Some of the key performance indicators we use in our business to measure our sustainable future is fairly simple to implement into their own businesses.

Here is how we use ISO14001 to improve our business and its environmental impact:


• Provide guidance on environmental management.
• Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
• Monitor progress on a regular basis with a view to improve environmental performance.
• Annually review our progress and monitor our achievements against set targets and objectives.
• Communicate to our staff and any contractors working on site our environmental policy and environmental procedures

Betterprint Business Cards

Betterprint believe that responsible ethical and professional business practice should be central to all our operations and day to day business activities.
Our Mission is to continue to improve our standing as a leading supplier of print by providing the highest standards in terms of quality and Customer Service, with as little impact as possible to the environment.

We recognise that responsible business practice and true professionalism can help to penetrate new markets and achieve total customer confidence. Betterprint work to the highest standards and have achieved ISO 9001-2 quality accreditation, ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation, ISO 12647-2 printing standard accreditation and FSC Forestry Chain of Custody. Betterprint are committed to achieving the highest industry accreditation standards and have invested heavily in the latest hi-tech environmentally friendly printing equipment.

Hopefully this information gives our customers comfort in the knowledge that dealing with, means they are dealing with a company who takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. We offer the very best in contemporary and innovative designs, which are fully customisable and offer great value for money.


•    We only print our Business Cards on 400gsm thick silk art board
•    We source our materials managed forests and conforms to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody regulations.
•    Next time you are buying Business Cards or Matching Stationery take a minute to think about the environmental impact that your purchase will have.
•    You too can take simple actions to help the environment by only dealing with companies who operate the within ISO 14001 and FSC regulations.

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My last thought provoking comment is; if you purchase from a company outside the UK such as Vista Print one major environmental impactor is transportation as their manufacturing base is not in the UK.

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