People tend to give out business cards very loosely without offering the receiver a reason to keep it or get in touch. Businesses leave them in cafes and bars they pin them up in supermarkets and expect prospects to call.

I recently attended a 'how to network successfully' seminar and picked up some great ideas that I would like to share with you on how to get remembered and those very important first impressions. Before any group meeting or a one-to-one with a new contact always make sure you follow this easy guide.
  • Hand out your card at the very beginning of the meeting.
  • Hand the person the card with the readable side up, with a thumb on the upper corner so that they can immediately read the card.
When receiving a card, have the respect to read it in front of them, so that not only can you see what it says, but also you can put the card with the face. This may be your only chance to earn their business, so make your business card count.

Make it easy to offer your contact details by always carrying your cards. It is much quicker to take a card from your pocket than it is to send out an email or put a number in a mobile phone.