How to ensure your Business Cards will print perfectly using your own design.

My name is David Bennett, I own a run one of the leading print providers in the UK and have done so for the last 25 years. My day job involves managing the overall running of our business which trades on the net as Betterprint -  we are a recognised brand leader in the production of business cards and matching stationery, our site comprises of 3 main sections:

Standard Range - basic designs at low low prices.

Deluxe Range - professional, contemporary designs at great value prices.

Custom Upload Range - upload your own image or logo or complete design at great value prices.

Today I want to talk briefly about some of the additional services that Betterprint provides for those customers who have their own designs, but need a bit of help and advice on how to make the most of them and ensure that they get the very best results. At Betterprint we offer a completely FREE design review service with no strings attached.

Over the last 25 years I have witnessed an evolution in the way business cards and matching stationery are produced. I have probably seen every different type of design and layout you can think of, and feel I am reasonably well qualified to offer advice on what will work best and which production method is most suited to the different designs people come up with. As part of this service we will make suggestions based on either complete or partial designs supplied for review.

Many business cards are taken direct from clients and are just printed without much input from providers such as Betterprint, by and large this is because our industry moves at a thousand miles an hour and by the time companies like us get to see the design the customer usually needs it urgently and unless it clearly will not work it just gets printed and despatched.

Given the chance to be involved at an early stage we at Betterprint can offer all sorts of practical advice and help so you can make an informed decision about how to "best buy” your products.Whilst clearly we would like to offer the help and advice and then get the print work our design review is FREE of Charge and comes with no obligation to buy from us.

All you need to do is email me  with your designs, either complete ones or partial with a few lines on what you would like to achieve and within 24 hours I will respond with my suggestions on how this will work best and any improvements that I think could benefit you and your designs.

Clearly everyone wants their business cards to help them stand out from the crowd and so they need to be printed using the very latest techniques and on the best material available, I will always recommend 400gsm. Your business cards are not just a piece of card handed out with contact information printed upon them, they are an extension of you and your business and help potential clients remember you long after the initial impact of your face to face meeting has passed, they are and always will be a very important communication and branding tool the quality of which should be underestimated at your peril.

As this service is FREE of Charge it can't do you any harm to try it.

I will offer clear information as to how your design can be improved and what printing techniques would benefit your design and ultimately your business. Design is one of those areas that has a certain amount of subjectivity and so I will try to be impartial yet purposeful with my recommendations. Primarily I will answer the question: 'will this design work as a decent business communication tool, does it look professional, does it carry the right sort of information for the sector it is aimed at and simple yet often missed items such as font use including weight and size?'

If you have not yet started your design and are looking for some inspiration I have written a number of blogs over the years on how to create a professional yet purposeful design, and if you like I can send you a link to those articles which you might find useful.

Good Luck