Good design bad design

Having worked within a graphic studio for a number of years now far too often do I see great ideas fall at the final hurdle. At the thought stage of any proposed design the end result can end good or bad. It will certainly make a great difference if someone within the brief understands how this idea will be used throughout the entirety of it's life. For instance I receive artwork from many people that in fairness looks very good. Due to the fact though that they perhaps don't understand the proposed print process it can be a nightmare/needlessly cost them more money or be simply not viable. Files having a colour white embedded can cause many issues or designs that lend themselves to white overprints as opposed to knockouts. Other instances can be font sizes that on screen can look fine due to viewing at magnified percentages but when printed can be totally illegible.

I head a team of staff at where business cards can be personalised and purchased from as little as £2.99. That's right £2.99....

There is a popular saying of "you get what you pay for". I agree with this totally but am proud to say that in the instance of  Betterprint this is NOT totally the case. Even cards purchased for the least amount can look great and still be perfectly professional.

At Betterprint we believe it pays to be thick.

You have an option within Betterprint of Standard, Deluxe and Custom Upload. All three options are manufactured using the same top quality 400gsm business card board. 400gsm is the thickest board available on the internet. The only difference between the three is the design choices. Standard is made up of simple designs, Deluxe is made of more advanced designs and Custom Upload allows you to upload you own logos and pictures into given areas within your stationery. Be BOLD be Beautiful... Your company name is important and should be something to be proud of so make it perfectly legible so prospects and clients can read it easily. Within the design page of you are capable of adjusting the text to be larger or smaller. Always remember what you see on screen is only a representation of your product. Magnification settings on individual screens can change the entire look of your products and make the text look larger than it will actually print. All you have to do is look at the size of the product stated on screen. Then manipulate from there. For instance if your screen is set to 400% magnification and you select a small font size then the actual printed size will be much smaller.

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