At Betterprint, we're committed to producing environmentally-friendly business cards and stationery, and we know that many business owners believe just as passionately as we do that their actions in business should reflect their green credentials.

If you're thinking about revisiting your company's environmental policy, have a quick read of our top tips on making sure you keep your business (and your business cards) as green as possible:

Keeping your office green, our top 5 tips

1. Turn off all electrical equipment when it isn't being used. This can reduce the energy used by as much as 25 percent; what's more, making sure you switch off computers at the end of the day can help save an additional 50 percent.This is good for the environment AND keeps your overheads down.

2. Keep a lid on internal printing jobs. Encourage employees to read emails and PDFs on screen rather than printing them off. This cuts down energy use and, once again, the amount of money you are forced to shell out on ink, toner and paper, not to mention energy.

3. Most offices produce a lot of waste paper. Make sure you have plenty of paper recycling bins dotted around the office, and try to position them close to printers wherever possible.

4. When possible (and appropriate) make sure longer documents are double-sided.

5. Choose a business stationery supplier with a watertight environmental policy.

Follow these tips and you should be able to keep your office environmentally-friendly and reduce those overheads.