I own and run a medium size printing company in St Helens Merseyside, like many businesses one of our largest costs is the energy we need to keep our business running, but once you have done all the shopping around to find the best value supplier reducing your bills doesn't have to stop there.

I was fed up of constantly being the only one who ever turned out the lights that we didn't need to have switched on, so I commissioned a local electrician to install a lighting system that was triggered by movement sensors with timers that automatically turn off the lights in areas where no movement occurs after a designated amount of time. I have a 22,000 square foot factory with many offices and work rooms and so as you can imagine the installation cost was not cheap at around £7000 but prior to this installation I was spending in the region of £2000 per month and after the installation this reduced to around the £1600 mark, at around an 18 month ROI (return on investment) really this was a no brainier.

Take a close look at your businesses electricity use, in particular do you have unnecessary lighting switched on, it really does not matter if you don't have such a high use the percentage savings will still work out similar. At the same time you are doing your bit for the environment and cutting your carbon footprint, we integrated this as one of our aims and objectives in our implementation of ISO 14001, the Environmental Standard that we hold, we have been able to use such savings to offer better more cost effective products to our customers, take a look at our new site  www.betterprint.co.uk.

Try implementing the above scheme for yourself and watch your bills come down. If you have any good ideas on how to save on power let me know.