Pressure increases on the RH Liam Fox to offer additional information to the statement he made to the House of Commons on Monday 10th October as to the exact role Mr Adam Werrity was undertaking at various MOD meetings. According to the BBC website one question Mr Fox will have to answer is what was Adam Werritty's role? He had portrayed himself as an adviser to Mr Fox - indeed he handed out two different business cards, both carrying the House of Commons crest.

One described him as an "adviser" to Mr Fox and the other had his name as well as "the office of Dr Liam Fox MP".

David Cameron is clearly concerned that if he simply waits for the full results of the Ministry of Defence inquiry in two weeks' time, then the defence secretary - and the Government - will suffer further damage. That's why the prime minister has ordered the Government's most senior civil servant, Sir Gus O'Donnell, to look at the preliminary findings and report back.

Whilst trying not to trivialise the seriousness of the situation for both Mr Fox and Mr Werrity not to mention the Government I find myself wondering how the alleged use of the two above mentioned business cards might well prove to be a pivotal piece of information within the Government report. A business card and the information printed upon it is after all a statement of fact and it is fair and reasonable for those in receipt of such business cards to take at face value that same information. This is nothing new it happens the World over.

This reinforces the message:

The humble business card will get you noticed!

So its not just a piece of card with contact information upon it, rather a statement of fact and a unique marketing tool that if used correctly will provide the desired reinforcement to that important meeting or discussion between two or more parties or potential clients.
To ensure your business card works for you consider the following statement before making your purchase:

Quality, Quality, Quality……………….

We all know first impressions count so don't waste your time, effort and money buying cheap flimsy business cards, they will do more harm to your brand or image than you can imagine. The people you give your business cards to will make a judgement about you from the type of card you leave behind, assuming you want to portray a quality professional image then the following tips are very important:

  • Only buy business cards that are printed on 400gsm thick card.
  • Pay that bit extra for matt or gloss lamination.
  • Don't skimp on the design, have the professionals do it for you or use a template system.
If you follow this information you will not go too far wrong when buying your business cards, it goes without saying only make statements of fact that are easily substantiated, this way if  your business card does happen to make the front page of a national newspaper you and your business will be delighted.

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Good Luck