More Design tips from Betterprint

Choosing and designing your new business cards online is very easy and with our large range of templates offers something for everyone.
We have well over a thousand different designs to select and customise and it is really easy to alter the templates to a look that suits your business, of course not everyone has the eye for colour or how specific fonts work with each other but with a bit of time and effort you can view easily view variations along the same theme until you find the one that works just right for you.

To help demonstrate how you can alter one of our designs in a good way and a bad way I have created some examples, there are 7 versions all told and it took me 20 minutes to create all of them so you don't have to spend hours and hours to generate a really good image.
As you will see from our site  we have 3 different ranges:

Standard Range
These are our basic designs, they provide our lowest cost option are simple in layout yet purposeful.

Deluxe Range
These are our top of the range designs, they provide quality contemporary products separated into professions and styles.

Custom Upload Range
Here you can upload your own design or a logo or photo into one of our templates.

All 3 of our ranges are printed on 400gsm silk art board, you can select single or double sided and add extra finishes such as gloss or matt lamination, round cornering or recycled stock. They also all have matching stationery available in the form of Letterheads, With Compliment Slips, Notepads and Labels.

The designs below are taken from our Deluxe Range and can be found under cleaning and contemporary.
Within our Deluxe Range we have many specific profession designs but also many generic designs and the ones I have used below could easily fit any type of business or style, you just need to use a bit of imagination and you will soon be able to create a truly unique product that is not only pleasing on the eye but also beneficial to the pocket.

The first design example is how it appears on our site, I have then made a number of changes to create both good and bad examples of what can easily be achieved with our design interface.

Original as shown in our design interface.

This Example 1 works well.

Here I have simply changed the font to a condensed one to allow the name"Betterprint Communications" to fit and personalised the design with my information.

Example 2 works well.

Here I have changed the background colour from white to black and made the text white.

Example 3 - works well.

Here I have made the main text silver and the name text red.

Example 4 won't work well.

Here I have changed the background colour to dark green and changed the fonts to a script type and changed the name to yellow. The colour contrast is insufficient and the smaller text will be dificult to read. 

Example 5 won't work well.

Here I have used a light script font in a contrast colour that is light s again it won't read easily and so does not look great.

Example 6 works well.

Here I have gone back to a slightly different design (Green Globe) by using a distinctive font for the name but sticking to a plain and easy to read font for the text I haveproduced a clean well balanced business card.

Within our site you will find many designs that are specific to professions or industries but we also have many generic designs that can be used across a broad spectrum of professions, simply personalise the information to see how easy it is to create a unique design that you will be proud to associate your organisation with. By using variations along a similar theme you can make destinctive business cards that look as good as if they were designed by high end agencies, however you won't pay the earth.........

Hopefully this blog give an insight into how best to use our design interface but the best way to see what results can be acheived is to go to and try it out for yourselves.

If you need any help please drop me a line at

Good Luck