How to get the best from Betterprint using fonts and font sizes.

The pre-designed templates that are on offer at are some of the most innovative and contemporary designs available anywhere on the net. Designs are split into 3 main ranges - Standard Range / Deluxe Range / Custom Upload Range. With all our ranges you can personalise and adjust many areas but today I would like to talk a little about the font choices and how to get the best out of our sizing feature.

We have over 150 fonts to choose from covering a range of different styles from traditional serif fonts to more modern smooth ones, throughout our designs all 150 fonts have been used in some way shape or form which is our way of showing what can be achieved. Fonts can make a massive difference to how a card looks and so can impact on the overall effect of how your business cards or matching products perform.

Our designs are primarily displayed with all text fields switched on and sample text appearing within them, now of course not everyone will want to use every field which our display models do and it is quite easy to remove this sample text. Simply double click into the field which you wish to delete and the text will automatically be removed from the field you can do this multiple times in any fields that you require the text to be removed then to view your design preview just click "update design". The text has now gone from the text field and also from the design, however you can still see what the sample text was prior to you deleting it by hovering your mouse over the text field, it will appear in a small pop up.

If you delete sample text from the design preview and can't remember which fields appear where, then simply place a number or letter in each of the empty text fields and press preview to view where they will appear, clearly it is best if you input different numbers in each field so you can easily identify what field appears where on the product.

Whilst the logic behind our designs is very high tech their are so many permutations of how customers can display text that it is impossible for the text to be automatically sized to what suits your particular design best once you have personalised it.

Remember earlier I spoke about the sample text on our designs and the layout of that text being set out so they display all or most of the text fields, well it is for this very reason that the size of the fonts we have used are relative to the amount of sample text we are displaying. This means if you use a design that has quite a few lines of sample text and you replace it with a lesser amount of lines of actual text it will probably be wise to increase the size of the font so that it uses the space better and is easier to read on your actual product.

You will see in the design preview area that it is very easy to select a different font and equally easy to re-size that font, most of our displayed text will show up as "normal" in the size box, you can adjust this to "larger" or "largest" similarly you can adjust it to "smaller" or "smallest". These incremental functions increase or decrease by a margin of 10% each time so the maximum adjustment is 20% either way of the "normal" setting.

It is important to understand that especially on smaller products such as business cards and labels which have finished sizes of 88mm x 55mm for viewing purposes they are displayed at a larger size, this is stated in the design preview but in my experience people tend to forget about this and because they are viewing it on screen at a size they can read they automatically think when it comes on their cards or labels that it will be the same. Obviously it will be proportionally smaller when printed which in some cases catches people out.

Fonts can also be bold or normal and this can also help with making the text clearer and works well if you are choosing a lighter colour for your text to be printed in.

In the end if you look at the size of text in proportion to the size of the card and other text that you have on the card you will not go far wrong. If in doubt once you have made and ordered your card or matching product you can mail me at with your order number and your question/query I can then take a look and allay your concerns or adjust your design so it works better ensuring you get the very best from your Betterprint products.I can only do this once you have past through the SagePay side of the site and confirmed payment, we have the ability to adjust items within your previous order page so you can view any adjustments we have made ensuring they are correct to your specific requirements.

If you have read this blog and are thinking of buying your products from Betterprint now is a great time to do it with this knowledge and here is a promo code to help you get started worth 25% off, simply enter this code blog311210 in the promotional code box on the product summary page just after the shopping basket to receive your discount - simple!

I hope these tips help, but if nothing else the 5 minutes you spent reading this blog was worth a 25% discount - valid until 31.12.2010.