Redundancy can be devastating for many people; however, once you are over the initial shock, you may find it acts as a spring board to a better way of life for you and your family.

The number of professionals without a job has nearly doubled since 2008, so the competition out there for the relatively few vacancies that are available is going to be high. A good piece of advice to bear in mind is, the decision to make you redundant was not personal, it was a purely commercial decision. This should help you to stay positive, focusing on the skills you have to offer and where those skills can be most suitably used.

More and more professional people are using their redundancy as a catalyst to lifting the barriers that have prevented them from fulfilling a long term dream - being their own boss.

Being Your Own Boss

If setting your own agenda and working when it suits you is appealing, then it may just be the right time to give self-employment a go; however, remember not to lose sight of the fact that the level of commitment and overall effort required is likely to be greater than that which you have previously experienced.

To help you make your decision, visit This website has plenty of advisors and lots of useful information; getting the right support in the early days to help you reach a decision is crucial to keeping your dream on track. If nothing else, make sure you research all the pitfalls of running your own business before you make the final decision and always go forward with your eyes wide open.

Make sure you conduct plenty of market research, most of which can be done without financial investment, just time and effort. If you have contacts in the field you have chosen, set up some meetings and sound them out for future business. The reception you receive will help you understand which direction is the best route, allowing you to hit the ground running.

Make a Good First Impression: Custom Business Cards

I am sure that, as a professional person you won't need reminding that meetings like this could be very important to your future, so you need to make a good first impression. To help with this you should organise yourself some business cards, not cheap and tacky ones either, but a quality product that you will be proud to hand out to potential clients. The internet can provide many suppliers for these products, for instance:, a supplier of some of the best business cards in the UK.

Good Luck

After all your research, if you decide to press ahead with your dreams then good luck. Just time for one final tip: keep your costs low but not at the expense of value!

If you have started your own business following redundancy, let me know your story.