If you have recently purchased business cards from Betterprint have you considered the benefits of matching letterheads & compliment slips?

Sometimes in the pursuit of speed and low cost we forget the importance of how our business image is portrayed to both existing and new customers. How many times do you send out correspondence which you have just printed on your home or works computer with a make shift logo or image that if you really look at it closely is low quality, or how often do you scribble quotes out for people on blank paper? If you do you're not alone, but, have you considered:

The correspondence that you present to your potential and existing customers in whatsoever form is a direct reflection on how you and your business is perceived?

Not everyone thinks about it like this and lots of people just think about the cost, but in business paying attention to often what seems very small things can have real positive and tangible returns and if like me your business is ultra competitive then you will need all the help you can get to increase your conversion rate from enquiry to order. Consider a business who sends a quote out for a £1000 job to a potential customer who is shopping around and gets 3 quotes, of course price will be a major consideration to who gets the order but other factors play a part in that decision making process.

Quality of workmanship or the perception of quality is the second largest factor in the decision making process and this perception is being assessed from the minute you first make contact, so you maybe great on the phone or come across as a real genuine potential supplier in person but it is a fact that this impression fades quickly and so a key element to ensuring your quality message is reinforced is to leave quotes or letters that match your business cards and are of the very highest standard in terms of look and feel. If you follow this basic approach I am sure you will find in some cases that is all that separates you from your competition and helps you to gain that £1000 order.

Betterprint has the very best quality available on the net, so for matching stationery take a look www.betterprint.co.uk

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