To a lot of people, handling a business' accounts is a daunting task; it's also an element of business life that, if ignored, can land people in bad debt. It is a most important fact within business that your relationship with your accountant is a good one, as they are there to guide you,  and keep you on the right tracks financially speaking.

My sister is a senior management accountant specialist for a major American company. She travels the world advising and guiding many of the companies within her company chain. Keeping your books and paperwork up to date means you will not only be prepared for dealing with HM Revenue and Customs, but will also be able to maintain control over the finances of your business, ensuring it is trading profitably. Your accountant can help you in many aspects, such as:

•    Bookkeeping and management accounts
•    Audit and accounting
•    Payroll
•    Tax
•    Pensions and investments
•    VAT
•    Grants and finance raising
•    Corporate recovery and personal insolvency
•    Corporate finance
•    Forensic services

As you can see the gamut of roles undertaken is massive. A quick call to your accountants can save an awful lot of mither and hassle in the future.
A good accountant's working life is very busy. Within the course of a year there are many dates that are most important to individuals in this sector, such as VAT return dates and Payroll dates. My sister has a calendar with all her really important dates marked up so she can plan around them, as most of these dates cannot be changed under any circumstances. For example, your VAT return date cannot be extended with HM Revenue and Customs because you are going away on holiday.

I believe it would be a big help if all accountants had a calendar that they carried around with them, highlighting any particularly important dates. This could printed onto the back of your business cards as the dates will be important to both the accountant and client. Take a look at  for a solution like this.
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