At Betterprint, we know business cards are an effective way to connect with people, display skills and offer services.Yet, these benefits aren't exclusive to businesses. In fact, many job seekers and graduates are using business cards to further their careers and generate valuable industry contacts. With unemployment among professionals and graduates continuing to cause problems, business cards are becoming a unique way to network and find job opportunities.

Discover Betterprint's tips on creating a business card that will make you stand out in the graduate job market, or the job market in general.

Business Cards: Boost Your Prospects

Marketing yourself is vital for a successful career and a well designed business card is the perfect way to introduce yourself to potential employers.  Unlike a CV, a business card is a subtle way of presenting your skills and providing a form of contact.

The look of your card provides the first impression, so it is extremely important that its design captures your personality and skills. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you need to think carefully about what your design should communicate.

The following are the areas you should consider before creating your personal business card:

Colour -  It is important that the colours of your card are suited to the kind of job you are looking for. For example, the colour of business cards for creative professionals will differ wildly from those who are seeking jobs in the legal sector.

Logos & Photographs - You can give your custom business card a personal touch by including images. Betterprint have a custom-upload option that allows you to use images specific to your industry. Think carefully about what you add to your card; your aim should be to keep the balance between professional and memorable.

Layout - A good business card is unique, but never loses its functionality. This is why it's important your layout is clear and simple, this is so that your business contacts are not distracted by a 'busy' design.

Express yourself: Ensure the writing on your card is used to express your full potential. This should include what you have to offer, key skills and your contact details. Try to keep your description simple and concise, one clever sentence is often enough to capture your audience.

Quality Control: Your card should represent you. Cheap, flimsy cards will only send out the wrong impression and are more likely to be discarded.

You should:

•    Use card that is no less than 400gsm thick
•    Choose a professional printing company
•    Purchase a business card holder to protect your business cards

Business Cards at Betterprint

At Betterprint, we know the importance of showcasing quality. All of our business cards are manufactured using the best print and the finest materials, so you won't need to worry about impressing. Begin designing your business cards today, at, where we have thousands of designs and templates to suit all industries.You can also enjoy using our innovative design application, which allows you to see what your card looks like before it arrives.

Good Luck!

The Betterprint Team