Letterheads: Buy Quality Online

Providing you follow a few simple rules Letterheads and Matching Stationery products can be bought very competitively on the internet.

Firstly it helps to understand what to look for:

Letterhead Paper

Try to find a company that produces Items such as Letterheads and With Compliment Slips on paper that is 120gsm thick. This will give your Stationery the necessary bulk to feel right and add value as it will not be cheap and flimsy feeling.

Dependant on how you feel about the environment you should consider recycled papers or look for companies who offer FSC products (Forest Stewardship Council) and offer TCF (totally chlorine free) products.

Printing Your Letterheads

 Companies will offer a variety of printing methods, primarily these will be split in to two categories - Litho and Digital.

•    Litho - The traditional way Letterheads and Matching Stationery have been produced for the last 30 years or so and digital has got better and better over the last few years. The secret to which method is best for you firstly lies within the volume you require, as a rule of thumb if you need more than 2000 A4 Letterheads then Litho is the most economical route and should deliver the best product at the lowest cost.

•     Digital - If it is only a few hundred or a thousand that you require then Digital is the route to consider. These days nearly all letterheads bought online will be produced from a CMYK or Full Colour method so there are no real restrictions on colours used within the design. 

Your Printing Method


The Litho method is suitable for all types of equipment that you can use to overprint onto your letterheads providing you have purchased on a Guaranteed Laser Paper and the company you have bought them from have used Laser Compatible inks.


The Digital method has a few more restrictions but only if you are using a Laser Printer to overprint onto your Letterheads. All Digital print has a heat fusion method within its process and this can be destabilised if you use a laser printer that has a fuser unit which has a greater temperature than the one used to originally fuse the Digital Print.

 Now then, it is not possible for you to check either of these temperatures so if using a laser printer you could experience some ghosting of the imagery. One way of almost certainly getting around this issue is to keep the ink coverage on your Letterheads to a minimum giving a 95% success rate.

Remember: if you are only printing a few Letterheads at a time the digital method should be fine even on laser printers.

I have used digitally printed Letterheads in my business for a number of years and overprinted via laser printers without any problems.

The Letterhead Design

•    Choose an online organisation who offers pre-templated designs for you to select from and then customise

•    On your own computer, adjust any areas that carry inaccuracies. Remember it is likely that the size you view it at will not be the exact size it is when it is printed and try to visualise how the size of text used will be at actual size.

•    A good online provider will have designs categorised into Styles and Professions making it easy for you to find a connection with your industry.

The Letterhead Company

•    I would recommend you buy from a UK based organisation

•    Take some time to read Customer Feedback that should be published upon a good quality organisations site and ensure they have a contact telephone number.

•    If you need your products quickly make sure they offer a range of production services that fit in with your requirements.

Remember: to always order as early as possible, even if organisations offer next day delivery this is only a commitment to send your goods out in good faith and does not come with a cast iron guarantee. All organisations will be using third party carriers such as the Royal Mail, Parcelforce or alike.

Letterheads & Business Cards

www.betterprint.co.uk can meet all the above requirements and I recommend you take a look at their site, they offer truly unique and quality designs for all types of Matching Stationery including Letterheads, With Compliment Slips, Business Cards, Note Pads and Labels all readily available for you to customise to suit your needs and they have all these products at very reasonable rates.

They are a UK based company with 24 years of experience and work to ISO 9001 International Quality Standard.

They work hard on the customer service side and only produce first class printing - check out their Customer Feedback under the Help section of their website.

Betterprint Discount

If you like what you see at Betterprint.co.uk and want to buy from them mail me david@betterprint.co.uk quoting "Letterhead Blog” and I will send you a Promo Code worth 25% discount on your first product and our site will give you a further 20% discount an any Matching Product bought at the same time.

If you have any questions regarding Stationery Products please forward them to me at david@betterprint.co.uk and I will do my best to help.

Good Luck