Do you think Business Cards are an important part of communicating with your customers?

I do, so it is for this very reason that when you purchase Business Cards care and attention to detail is paid.

If you have decided to buy on the internet and let's face it these days that is where you will get the best deal, whatever you do don't just go for the cheapest.
Your Business Cards are an extension of your business and so should reflect and project quality - now you can't do that with cheap flimsy cards!

When meeting customers for the first time how you come across in the meeting will be a major deciding factor in if you get the order or not and I am not trying to say that a Business Card will always make or break the deal, but if you think about it, once you have departed from your meeting and left behind your card that is the reminder of you and your business to the potential client.

It is inevitable that if someone leaves something that reflects quality and a clear defined image that this will have a more positive impact than something that is a bit cheap and nasty, so in the end the type of Business Card and where you buy it from could actually be a deal breaker.

For starters only buy from a UK based company as they are the ones that will offer the thickest cards which are 400gsm, if possible have them Matt Laminated to further enhance the feel.

Often people think they can design their own cards on their computers in something like Word or Corel Draw, my advice is not to bother as most of the time designs done from these packages are of low quality. Instead look for organisations that offer pre-templated designs and then whittle these down using the 400gsm criteria as standard with innovation and contemporary designs for you to personalise.

By now you have reduced the quantity of suppliers down from hundreds to just a few and it is from these few suppliers that you should make your choice.  is at the forefront of pre-templated designs, ready and waiting for you to order, they offer the 400gsm, the thickest cards on the net as standard and you can personalise them in numerous ways to make them perfect for you. They also offer Matching Stationery products that will enhance your image with you potential and existing customers and if you order your Business Cards at the same time as any Matching Products they will give you a further 20% discount.

The cards at Betterprint may not always be the cheapest available on the internet but they do offer excellent value for money and a great product backed by a first class customer service, take a look at some of their customer comments on the "Customer Feedback" tab under HELP on the home page.

You will find Betterprint offer: Better Products, Better Designs, Better Service and Better all round price deals.

Remember a price that sounds too good to be true Probably Is!

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