As we start 2011 many business owners are thinking how they can best improve their sales and how they can achieve better profits throughout the year.

This year my blogs have focused upon marketing and financial advice and how to make your business work best for you, if you own or run a pub here are some marketing help and tips to get you on the way to greater profits in 2011.

On the Bar - this is where the most focus is from your punters and so carries the highest commercial value, ensures you have your best selling brands on show in the most prominent places. Maximise your point of sale in this area by creating eye catching promotions, influence your punters choices by serving suggestions. E.g. if you make more money on sales of a certain larger and the customer is not sure which one to have then have your staff suggest the one that suits you, they can say xxx is very popular etc. This type of marketing will work and direct your customers to the product which best suit your business.

At the back of the Bar - Separate dark and light spirits and group similar products together, again give prominence to those products with the highest profit margin. Display ice and fruit promoting top quality. Display your offers at the back of the bar in a clear and prominent position - use for activity such as guest lagers of the month etc.

Fridge - Ensure your chillers are kept at the constant temperature of between 3 & 6 degrees C, consumers span the fridge from left to right making the top right hand corner of your fridge the "hot spot” practice stock rotation to minimise loss through out of date stock.

The above 3 areas are simple and effective marketing tools if used correctly, whilst they are fundamental ye basic it is always worth just checking your basic sales approach conforms to these few simple rules.
A key area of marketing to concentrate upon is your staff - service with a smile and all that.
Good friendly service will result in punters returning giving you a higher yield from each customer - who wants to be served by someone who shows little interest or finds it hard work to raise a smile or be polite.
Spend some time training your staff and focus on friendliness and a willingness to help whilst raising their awareness to the most profitable products within the bar, try linking a bonus scheme to certain products, something like you get X £s for every so many of this product you sell over this period, this will help focus their minds into ensuring they do their best to sell the highest yielding products.

Link sport to your promotions.

This is not rocket science as we all know people like to go to the pub and have a drink on sporting occasions, your challenge is to ensure they have at least one more drink than they were going to have and maybe link it to some food again focus on the elements of your product range which brings in the most profit. On average 31% of customers think live sport is important and punters spend 48% more and buy one more drink when sport is available compared to when it is not. 50 sport watching fans ordering 1 extra pint at say an average of £2.80 each is £140 additional revenue per live showing of sport.
There are many sporting occasion scattered throughout the year you just have to think outside the box and create some marketing material, posters and business cards are great ways of getting your message across, place posters in prominent positions as discussed above and scatter business cards on each table publicising you up forth coming promotions say for the next 3 months. You will be amazed how many punters take a card away and use them to remind themselves when your activities are happening, keep the promotions simple and the text easy to read, as business cards are not waterproof it will be a good idea to have them matt laminated in order that they remain sufficiently hard wearing.

Carling has been Britain's number one larger for over 3 decades now with 43 pints sold every second, Carlings rate of sale is higher than any other beer brand and so should be used skilfully, place your best profit generating product next to the Carling dispenser raising awareness of the product you want to sell.
Use food as an additional generator - curry nights are an easy promotion to run with a linked beer such as Cobra or Singha both are higher than average profit yeilders and so encourage your punters to make the choices that suit you.
So there you go a few tips and hints on how to get the best from your pub.
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I hope this information helps and you are able to find a design that suits.

Good Luck