If you are a caterer, or you are just starting up you business in the catering industry, it's worth considering the fact that marketing will be a key aspect of your business start up plan. Word of mouth is probably the best form of marketing; getting people to talk about your business is of paramount importance if you wish to be successful. A positive referral from a friend or family member to a prospective client is almost certain to result in an enquiry.

Another excellent marketing tactic worth employing when you're just starting out in the catering industry is the canvassing of local businesses that could potentially have a use for your services. These may include wedding boutiques, party organisers, fancy dress shops, funeral parlours or individual businesses which regularly hold corporate meetings.

If you are going to be canvassing local businesses you're going to need some high quality business cards, with the power to impress potential customers. A business card is one of your key pieces of marketing literature; a well designed, professional business card says a lot about your company. On your business cards you will be able to advertise your services and, most importantly, include your contact details.

When searching for a firm to create your marketing literature, make sure you choose one capable of supplying quality cards, rather than some of the flimsy ones available on the net.

At  Betterprint, we allow our customers to upload their own designs, creating custom business cards and other marketing literature. If you prefer, we also have a library with thousands of different templates, all of which have been professionally designed to enhance your business; we even have a bespoke category in catering, which can point you in the right direction. We also use some of the thickest, highest quality material available, ensuring we supply our customers with high quality business stationery.

As a brand new company, it's also worth visiting your local business link, or log onto www.businesslink.co.uk .