I always enjoy getting in the garden on a sunny day and spending quality time with my family and friends. One issue I faced last year was that,  whenever I decided to throw a garden party or a barbecue, I needed to spend a few hours in the garden first tidying up and making it look presentable. To a lot of people this task is a most enjoyable one, but to some it's a little daunting, the thought of tackling overgrown flower beds, conifers and fighting with those weeds. I have decided this year that I want to employ some professional gardeners to keep my garden looking great all season. I was amazed when I learnt just how cost effective garden maintenance can be.

After a period spent searching for a good local gardener, I have chosen Craig's Garden Maintenance to look after my garden; after looking at their website I believe the results will be impressive. It's easy to tell the difference between the people that look after their gardens very well themselves, or have professionals to do it for them. A well landscaped garden certainly adds the 'wow factor' to a lot of properties. I always thought having a professional gardener would be an expensive perk but actually, with prices from £10 per visit for regular maintenance, this is not the case. My initial thoughts will be to have Craig and his team come once every three weeks, so the cost will be low. I will have to learn as I go if  three weeks is too regularly or not regularly enough.

Invest in good quality business stationery

I have had a number of flyers come through my letterbox advertising gardeners, but I am yet to have a gardener advertise using a well designed business card.

Advertising on a business card must be a good way to get business, as many people would place your card into their wallet, and that way your advertising is carried around and hopefully spoken about in different places other than just that particular home. Choosing your cards is very important, as any prospective clients will be wanting a quality job to be done at most probably a very cost effective price. Take a look at www.betterprint.co.uk, as here you can choose from many professionally designed templates. Betterprint prides itself on quality at cost-effective prices.

Another idea is to have your gardening advertisement on the front of your card, and a receipt, calendar or simply a message to say 'We called to maintain your garden today. We hope you are suitably impressed. Your current balance is £___.__' on the back.
I look forward to hearing about your garden masterpieces or nightmares.