Online Shopping - Know Your Rights

The internet is no different from the high street when it comes to your consumer rights and so it is important you fully understand how they can impact your shopping decisions.

Before you buy:

• Make a note of the company's contact details, including a street address and landline telephone number. Never rely on just an email address or a post office box.

• You should also remember that you may have to pay for shipping costs, customs duty, VAT, etc. All these hidden costs can push up the price of the goods or service. It should be quite clear if you are expected to pay any extra costs and VAT should be included in the price quoted, or clearly stated that it is added on.

Pay For Goods Online

It may be worth paying by credit card. If the goods or services you are buying cost over £100 and you pay by credit card, you may be protected by the Consumer Credit Act. This states that the credit card company is equally liable for any defects. Therefore, should a problem arise, you can claim either from the trader or from the credit card company.
Note that for this protection to apply, the contract price must be over £100. For example, if you buy a suit, the jacket of which costs £75 and the trousers cost £40, you would have protection. However, if you bought the items separately instead of as one suit, you would not be afforded the same protection as neither of the items amount to £100.
Problems can arise when the company you are buying from is based outside the EU. For example, a guarantee may not be valid in the UK, or the goods may not work in the UK. Although UK law may cover your contract, in practice it might be very difficult to get any money out of a company based abroad.

Top Tips For Online Shopping

• Make sure that the web address of the page starts https:// before you enter any personal information or payment details. The 's' stands for 'secure'. There should also be a small padlock that appears in the bottom of your screen.

• Always print out a copy of your order and a copy of the acknowledgement that you should receive.

• Always check your bank statements carefully if you purchase something on the Internet.

• You should never be asked to tell anyone your card's PIN number - even if they claim to be from your bank or the police. Never send your PIN number to anyone over the Internet.

What Should I Do If Things Go Wrong?

• If you buy goods on the internet, you still have the same rights as if you were shopping on the high street, in relation to faulty or poorly described goods.
• In addition, you are entitled to a seven working-day 'cooling off' period.

When Should I Cancel?

You can cancel at any time until:

• The end of the seventh working day after the day on which you receive your goods; or

• The end of the seventh working day after the day on which the trader agreed to go ahead with the service.

But please note that you might lose your right to cancel once the service has started.

You also have a further three months to cancel if you were not given all the necessary written information. If the trader gives you this information late - but still before the three months are up - you will have seven days to cancel from the day you receive that information.

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel your order, you must tell the seller in writing - by letter, fax or e-mail. If sending a letter, send the letter by registered post, so you can prove that you sent it and track its progress.

If you have already paid for the goods or services, the seller must refund your money within 30 days of you cancelling the agreement.
If you have paid for the goods by a credit agreement suggested or organised by the seller, the agreement will be automatically cancelled.

When You Can't Cancel

Please note that there are circumstances when you cannot cancel unless the trader has given you a specific contractual right to do so.

These are if:

• The trader has already started to provide the service within the cancellation period and you have agreed to this. You must have been told in writing - before the supplier agreed to carry out the service - that you would then lose your right to cancel.

• You had the goods made to your specifications or personalised.

• The items are likely to go off or deteriorate quickly, such as flowers or fresh foods.

• The goods by their nature cannot be returned.

• You have opened sealed software, CDs, DVDs etc.

• They are newspapers, periodicals or magazines.

• You bought betting, gaming or lottery services.

Quality Service from Betterprint

At we offer full compliance with the consumer credit act and try to provide a common sense vale for money service.
We will replace your goods within 7 working days if they are faulty and it is due to our process or if they are damaged in transit.
As stated above under item 2 and 9 as the goods you buy from us are clearly personalised this means after the order has been placed you cannot cancel or return the goods just because you do not like them or for reasons such as spelling errors. In such cases we will often give a discount to reduce the goods you buy to replace the ones that you are not satisfied with.

Clearly once we manufacture something to your specifications they are of no use to us or anyone else and this is the reason why you are not entitled to your money back.

We like to keep our policies simple and easy to understand, if you buy an additional service from us such as:

Rush 3 Day Production Service

Next Day Sonic Rush Production service

If we fail to meet our delivery commitment then you will be entitled to a full refund for the charges made for this additional service. We offer no circumstantial refunds and are in no way guaranteeing goods will be delivered when stated, this is due to the fact we must use third party carriers to send goods out and they have failings within their systems.

It is our endeavour to ensure all our customers are satisfied with the products and service we provide and we will write to you via email asking if you received your goods and if you were happy with the products and service, you have full right to reply and any negative replies are forwarded to the Managing Director who will respond personally. Alternatively you can ring us on our publicised enquiries number on our website

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