QR codes are the new addition to the modern business card. But how effective are these codes at delivering business, and should your business be taking advantage of this innovative development?

What is a QR code?

QR (Quick Response) technology enables smart phone users to scan paper-based code using the mobile's camera. The camera is then able to decode the QR from the business card (or other promotional forms) and reveal vital information about your business. 

This can include:

•    Business Contact information - address, maps, email.
•    An embedded phone number which the phone will automatically dial
•    A direct link to your company website.
•    Links to blogs, video, or products
•    Details of events
Once these details are logged to the phone, they can remain there for future use.

Can My Business Card benefit From a QR code?

There are many obvious benefits to having a QR code on your business card. It is a quick way of getting your potential clients to your website, or uploading your details to their phone. By doing this, your contact details will be stored in the memory of their phone, and not on a card which can get be thrown away, or lost.

It also provides an interactive element to your business card, making it more interesting than a standard card.

Other advantages of a QR code business card include:

•    Cost Effective - You can generate a code for free
•    Communication - Your business will reach wide audiences
•    Unique - Being the one of the first to experiment with QR codes could set you apart from competitors.

Once you have the image of your code, you can have it printed on to your business cards, adding an exciting interactive element.

QR codes: Revelation, or passing craze?

For all the advantages a QR code may have, many believe it may not truly take off. One potential stumbling block is that you need a smart phone for it to work, so how does it benefit customers without smart phones? It is also debatable whether people will actually take the time to test the code in the first place.

Yet, there are definite signs that QR codes are growing in popularity. Many massive brands are integrating them into their marketing strategies. This has included Adidas, Starbucks, Facebook, Ford and Google. This has included codes displayed on websites, coffee cups and merchandise.

For a cost-free marketing technique, a QR code on your business card could boost your business and offer a new dimension to the average business card.

QR Code Business Cards: Betterprint

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Feel free to comment on what you think about the success of QR codes, we would be happy to hear from you!